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How To Add Volume to Hair

If you feel that your hair is perpetually flat and lifeless – fear not. Here are some tips to bring the volume and body back into your hair!

Cut Your Hair Strategically

The longer your hair is, the flatter it will seem, especially if your hair is already fine and thin. The weight of long hair can also cause it to separate, revealing more of your scalp. A mid-length or short hairstyle won’t drag your hair down as much, creating the illusion of more volume.

Hairstylists also recommend a layered haircut, which helps create more volume from within the hair. Bangs can also seemingly add fullness and body to your hair.

Choose a Good Shampoo

If you’re wary of cutting your hair, there are still many ways you can add volume to your tresses! Choosing a good shampoo is important regardless of your hair length.

When choosing your shampoo, determine whether your hair is oily or dry to help you select a compatible formula. A shampoo for dry hair is designed to moisturize, while a shampoo for oily hair gently removes excess oils. If you have fine hair, stay away from shampoos designed for thick, coarse hair, because their creamy formulations can weigh down your hair with heavy product.

Volumizing shampoos are an obvious but reliable choice. These shampoos cleanse your hair without stripping it, and don’t leave unwanted build-up of product.

Also, look for a good dry shampoo. Not only are dry shampoos a great fix when you don’t have time to wash your hair, but they can also add volume to fine hair.

Condition Correctly

Use a volumizing, light conditioner to take care of knots and tangles. Try conditioning before you shampoo, because even these conditioners can leave a residue on your hair, weighing it down. Shampooing after conditioning will prevent this unwanted side-effect.

Apply conditioner only on the bottom two-thirds of your hair. Avoid your scalp because conditioners can trap oils there, further weighing your hair down.

Change Your Part

You’ve probably worn your hair with the same part for years. Your hair grows accustomed to your part, causing it to lie flatter. The simplest way to add volume is to change up your part. A switch will help lift the hair away from your scalp to make the crown of your head look like it has more body and volume.

Style Your Hair Right

In addition to caring for your hair with the right products, styling can make a big difference to your hair volume.

Be careful while styling thin, fine hair because it is especially susceptible to heat damage and breakage. Make sure to use a good thermal protectant, such as the Precision Conditioner Hairpod™, which protects hair from everyday heat styling with a weightless application that won’t drag down your hair.

You can add lift at the scalp, and create the illusion of thicker hair, with blow-drying. The best way to achieve a voluminous blowout is simply by flipping your head upside down. This automatically lifts the roots off your scalp, which is how you want them to stay when they dry.

As an added benefit, apply volumizing product or hairspray to the roots to set the lift in place and keep hair from sticking to the scalp.

Curl To Add Volume

You can also use a curling iron or rollers to add volume. Rollers are the best way to create volume at the roots, and they give your hair a lush fullness. This is great if your hair is already dry and you can no longer build volume into your blow-dry. To make sure your volume lasts, lightly cover each section of your hair with hairspray before using the rollers, and let the rollers cool completely before taking them out.

If you’d like to avoid heat styling, you can also achieve more volume by sleeping in a bun overnight. After showering, pull your hair into a loose bun before it’s completely dry. Your hair will fully dry while it’s lifted off the scalp, so when you take it down, your hair will have more volume.

Tease Out Your Hair

A great way to build body is to tease your hair. It takes some practice, but it can make a big difference.

Pin the uppermost layer of your hair, then tease the rest, working in sections. Hold each section taught, then brush toward the roots in a few quick strokes. To make it last, spray each section in a light layer of hairspray. Let down the pinned-up hair to cover your teased sections, leaving you with smooth, voluminous hair.

Invest in Volumizing Products

The key to voluminous hair lies in quality products. Invest in good root-boosting and volume-building products to provide structure and support any lift you create.

Avoid heavy styling creams, pomades, waxes, and thick serums because they weigh down your hair. Look for products that are specially designed with fine hair or volumizing benefits in mind. The RÉDUIT Volume Mist Hairpod™ is a volumizing, hydrating treatment that restores volume without adding weight, which makes it the perfect treatment for fine hair.


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