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The Latest in Beauty and Haircare

The haircare industry has been on the rise, but what will the new decade bring? If you aren’t up-to-date on what’s happening, read on for some emerging trends in beauty and haircare.


With sustainability and climate change becoming an increasing concern, consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious. As a result, they are actively seeking out brands who are mindful of the environment, as well as transparent about their company ethics. 59% of Gen Z and Millenials have said that they stopped buying products from a brand they believe is unethical.

There has been growing concern about the pollution caused by haircare products, from their manufacturing process to their packaging waste. As a result, brands are coming up with innovative delivery systems to save water and minimize the need for packaging, and turning to biodegradable solutions.

Forward-thinking brands are looking to reduce packaging waste and their carbon footprint in order to meet the emerging industry sustainability goals, and RÉDUIT is determined to pave the way in eliminating the creation of unnecessary waste which ends up polluting our planet.

If you’re looking to invest in a long-term solution that is sustainable without compromising on quality, then consider getting the RÉDUIT One Gold. The RÉDUIT One Gold represents the epitome of luxury haircare, providing an even more sophisticated solution for Hairpod™ application. With an added boost function, the RÉDUIT One Gold can disperse even more powerful actives on your hair, offering 38x better results than traditional haircare delivery systems, while producing 20x less waste.

Diversity and Inclusivity

Brands have become more conscious about catering to a diverse group of consumers, and have begun to make their product lines more inclusive. The movement started in the cosmetics industry, with the rise of color cosmetics and brands expanding their shade ranges to be more inclusive.

The haircare industry is also focusing on inclusivity by creating haircare and styling products to suit a diverse range of customer profiles and ethnicities. Brands are catering to natural hair more, whether it’s thick and curly or fine and straight.

It’s about time that haircare brands realize that catering to people of every race, size, and identity is equally as important as what’s in their formulations.

Haircare Supplements

Ingestible beauty supplements have been around for a while, but haircare supplements, in particular, have been on the rise. From promoting hair growth to maintaining scalp wellness, supplements are a great way to transform your hair from the inside out and target your specific haircare concern. The trend follows a larger movement promoting healthier lifestyles and nutrition.

Probiotics have also entered the hair industry, offering numerous benefits. Lactobactillus stimulates the growth of skin and scalp friendly bacteria to help balance the microbiome, support skin barrier function, and prevent dryness. Meanwhile, propionibacterium is emerging as a new dandruff treatment.

Topically-applied supplements in the form of masks, sprays, serums, and scalp exfoliators that help to hydrate, boost hair growth and health, and promote scalp wellness, are also becoming as popular as their ingestible counterparts.

Personalized Beauty

Many brands have begun to offer personalized beauty products and customizable options to meet the personal needs of consumers. Brands are slowly moving away from all-benefits-in-one products, and instead providing solutions for specific haircare concerns.

Consumers can pick personalized products to match their lifestyles and needs according to how and where they live. Anti-pollution products have become more sought after, as well as products protecting hair (and skin) from the detrimental effects of wind, sun, dust, and other environmental aggressors.

RÉDUIT’s Hairpods™ line allows you to mix and match products and benefits to your specific needs. Repair and rejuvenate damaged hair with the Vapored Strength, and protect your strands from further damage with the Color Protect. With so many powerful formulations available, whatever your haircare concern is, you’re guaranteed to find a match.


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