Look Your Best on Video Call: Get Through Lockdown Looking Glam

When the Covid-19 pandemic started, our routines changed. But even in isolation, people were looking to continue their social lives. The internet has provided us with the perfect solution to stay connected with loved ones, and with a second wave of virus likely in our futures, it looks like this won’t end any time soon.

Although you might be tempted to let laziness get the best of you and keep your beauty routine at a minimum, experts say that keeping a consistent daily and weekly routine is important. And besides, sometimes it just feels good to put on a little glam.

In the name of self-care, read on for some tips on how to look your best over Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype, be it for a business meeting or a hangout with your besties.

Give Your Hair Some Love

Be honest, do you still brush your hair every day? Let your hair down from that perpetual messy bun and give it a good brush to detangle it and let it breathe. Keeping your hair up can actually increase breakage, so try to give your hair some time to recover.

Give your hair an instant transformation using RÉDUIT’s Hairpods™ treatments. Use the Volume Mist to give yourself an instant, weightless boost, and tame frizz in seconds with the Precision Conditioner. In addition, keep your hair color protected from everyday wear and tear with a fortifying treatment like the Color Protect LED Hairpods™, which emit cyan LED light to help soothe sun damage and restore the health of your scalp.

Turn to Hairpods™ for the easiest hairstyling you’ve ever experienced, and indulge in the LED line to get some longterm benefits from LED therapy for your hair.

Go For Some Soft Glam

You don’t need to go full glam if you don’t want to, but it shows other participants in your video call that you care about them and they might appreciate the effort. You can still keep your makeup routine minimal, especially since you can also use a Zoom filter to touch up your appearance.

For best results on camera, emphasize your eyes to make them look brighter and well-rested. Dab on a little concealer to erase any dark circles, and follow that with some volumizing mascara. You can also use a white liner in your waterline to give the impression of bigger eyes. And finally, apply a tiny bit of tinted moisturizer to eliminate any redness or blemishes that may be seen on camera.

However, if a full face of makeup is your jam, go for it! Pop on that bright lip and some highlighter. As always, it’s important that you feel good because confidence shows on camera, too.

Separate Work From Rest

While staying in bed seems like a great idea, it may not be the best place to concentrate. Experts recommend separating your rest space from your workspace to help create a mental separation between your work and your personal life.

Carve out a special space to reserve for work and/or classes. Find a comfortable chair to give you some back support, and make sure that the space you are in stays tidy. You wouldn’t want your coworkers or classmates to see your messy room. A clutter-free environment will also help keep the attention on you while you are speaking and eliminate distractions for viewers.

Get Those Angles Right

Looking good on camera is all about the angle. You probably already know this from snapping Instagram pics, but keep it in mind as you set up for your video call.

Raise your device camera to eye-level (by placing your device on a desk riser or an empty shoebox) and look directly in the camera while you’re speaking to give the best impression of yourself. You wouldn’t want your friends or coworkers to look at you from your most unflattering angle and accidentally get a full view of your double-chin. With your camera at eye-level and looking directly into it, you’ll also give your audience the impression of an in-person meeting.

Good Lighting Looks Good on You

Lighting can make or break your appearance on a video call.  If you’re sitting in shadow, your friends won’t be able to see your face clearly. Natural light is best, but make sure that the source of light is in front of you, shining directly onto your face. Avoid sitting directly beneath an overhead light because this might cast strange shadows on your face, making you look less flattering.

Test your video ahead of time to see whether the lighting suits you. You can also buy a ring light to ensure that you will always have the best possible lighting, or use a strategically placed lamp or phone flashlight as a DIY ring light.




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