Which Hairpod is Right For You? Choose Your Ultimate Haircare Treatment

Our extensive Hairpods™ lines offer a solution for every hair woe. From split ends to frizzy hair, we have a treatment that is sure to work for you. But with so many to choose from, how do you know which to pick?

For all of you who aren’t sure which Hairpod™ is right for you, here is the ultimate guide to RÉDUIT’s signature haircare treatments.

Meet the Lineup

Each one of our Hairpods™ belong to one of three categories: Style, Care, and LED.

Blue Hairpods™ are part of the Care line, designed to repair and strengthen hair with concentrated active ingredients. Meanwhile, pink Hairpods™ belong to the Style category, designed to add shine and volume, and help you create effortless hairstyles. Finally, black Hairpods™ belong to the LED line, and they feature specially picked LED light therapies to bring you longterm hair and scalp benefits, as well as our signature formulations.

For Frizzy Hair

If you feel that your hair is frizzy and unmanageable, try the Precision Conditioner. Designed to tame unwieldy hair and give it an air-light finish, it also helps protect from heat styling. Choose the Precision Conditioner LED to reap the benefits of blue LED light, which produces a calming effect on the scalp, targets harmful bacteria and creates a skin-tightening effect to transform your hair from within.

For Damaged Hair

If your hair is dried out or prone to breakage and split ends, look for the Vapored Strength. This treatment will help restore hydration and nutrients to your hair, making it more resilient and protecting it from future damage. The LED version of this pod also promotes stronger hair growth using purple LED therapy.

For Flat, Thin Hair

Does your hair lie flat and look weighed-down? You can easily transform your hair and add instant volume with the Volume Mist. This pod restores hair fiber at its source and infuses each strand with a hydrating volumizing treatment that lasts all day, no thick pomades or waxes needed. Hairpods™ formulas are free of unnecessary thickeners and stabilizers which offer little benefit to your hair. This makes them the perfect choice for thin hair, which can easily be weighed down by heavy products.

For Dry Hair

Dry hair looks dull and is more prone to damage. Use the Shine Diffusion pod to bring more moisture to your strands, instantly making your hair softer, sleeker, and shinier. Also use this pod to tame flyaways and help achieve radiant hairstyles with minimal effort.

For Color-Treated Hair

If you color your hair often and are looking for a way to make the color last longer, then you’re in luck. The Color Protect Hairpod™ does just that. By creating a protective barrier around your strands, this pod prevents moisture loss and helps keep your hair color vibrant. Use it to prevent premature color loss and prolong the time between salon visits, since you’ll need fewer touch-ups.

For Greasy Hair

Oily hair occurs when sebaceous glands (oil-producing glands) in the scalp become overreactive. As a result, hair becomes greasy, which weighs it down, making it look flat and lifeless. Help prevent oil buildup with the Shine Diffusion LED Hairpod™, which features green LED therapy. Green light helps bring overactive sebaceous glands under control and restore a healthy oil vs. moisture balance to your scalp to give your hair a beautiful shine without the unwanted grease. You can give your hair an extra boost with the Volume Mist to give it an air-light volume transformation.

If You Want To Grow Your Hair Out

Although you can’t make your hair grow faster, you can keep it healthy and strong, which will help you get to your desired length more quickly. If you’re lusting after long locks, there are a few Hairpods™ which might help you get there. Use the Vapored Strength to fortify your strands, prevent breakage and split ends, and avoid the need for major hair cuts. Then use the Precision Conditioner to keep it soft and conditioned day-to-day.

If You Spend a Lot of Time Outside

If you play an outdoor sport or generally like to spend more time in nature, chances are that you’re exposed to environmental aggressors (such as UV light) more frequently than others. It is important to protect your hair during these activities to prevent damage and dryness. Despite its name, the Color Protect Hairpod™ isn’t just intended for color-treated hair. Use it on any hair type to shield your locks from damage and keep your hair healthy and happy. The Color Protect LED also brings you cyan LED therapy, whose anti-inflammatory effects are especially important after exposure to the sun in order to reduce swollen capillaries and enhance cell energy in the hair and scalp.

If You Frequently Use Hot Tools

Can’t get enough curlers, hair straighteners, and blow dryers? Just make sure you’re using a good heat protectant to keep your hair shiny and healthy. A number of our Hairpods™ have been designed with hot tools in mind. Use the Precision Conditioner, the Vapored Strength, or the Color Protect to shield your hair from heat damage as you blow-dry your hair to perfection.




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