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RÉDUIT Technology: Next Generation Beauty

RÈDUIT was founded by CEO Paul Peros on the principles of future-facing beauty technology. Answering the industry’s biggest problem – namely ineffective application and unnecessary ingredients – RÈDUIT is all about delivering potent actives in their purest form, in the most efficient way possible.

Despite the long history and widespread use of beauty products, application has remained woefully primitive. Scientific advances have meant the formulas and ingredients have improved, but the delivery hasn’t. Add to that the ubiquitous use of thickeners and fixatives, which do nothing for our appearance, and it’s safe to say the beauty industry has been firmly stuck in the past.

The RÈDUIT difference lies in its accessible use of technology; inspired by developments in the field of medicine, the in-house design team have created micro-technologies aimed at bringing active ingredients to skin and hair – exactly where they’re needed, in exactly the right amounts. The results speak for themselves: reduced time, reduced waste… amplified beauty.


Our proprietary delivery method is called Magnetic Misting,  which reduces unnecessary thickeners and binders, while boosting efficacy. Delivering only the finest actives, the misting is a combination of 3 unique micro-technologies.


Smaller droplets mean more effective application. The technology behind the Ultrasonic Diffusion works to this principle, providing particles 50x smaller than a traditional spray product.

Better coverage, better absorption, better result.


By reducing the surface tension for improved delivery, our devices are designed to enhance diamagnetic forces to give energy to the diffusion, thus creating better, more efficient results. 

This tech works using magnetic waveforms tailored to the different actives to enhance the treatment, the absorption and overall benefit.


Our formulations are always geared to creating more with less: only exactly what you need, just where you need it. Unlike traditional beauty products, which have upwards of 30 ingredients and 80-95% water topped up with thickeners, binders and fixatives, RÈDUIT has stripped away the unnecessary to deliver targeted formulas of only the most potent actives. We simplified our formulations and choose proven ingredients for specific hair or skin problem. This made our formulas light without excessive use of thickeners and binders.


A genuine beauty industry breakthrough. Combining the minimal formulations of highly concentrated actives in the smart pods with a superior delivery system, means a more efficient use of time, energy and resources all round. Traditional products will never be the same again. In fact, it’s the future of beauty in the palm of your hands.