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Diffusion: a quiet beauty revolution

When it comes to product delivery, not much has changed over the years. The standard pump ‘spray’ method became ubiquitous after being introduced in the early 20th century, followed by the aerosol method of the 40s. Aerosols had their advantages in terms of the particle size and surface area reached, but were controversial in their use of propellants and chemical additives.

Fast forward to the present day and only now the method of delivery has been updated. Diffusion is a new generation application method far superior to its predecessors, and RÈDUIT is proud to be a part of this futuristic advance.

How Does an Ultrasonic Diffuser Work?

While turning liquid into vapor would typically require heat, a diffuser does it without.

Ultrasonic diffusers use entirely different mechanics but result in a misting of the product, in the safest and most effective way possible. The ultrasonic diffuser has a disc that vibrates rapidly making vibrations, while another disc produces inaudible sound waves at an ultrasonic frequency. This vibration breaks up the ingredients into tiny molecules and disperses them evenly.

Working at a high frequency, the liquid is converted to vapour and dispersed silently and with an understated elegance.

Why Ultrasonic Diffusion?

Understanding that smaller particles penetrate smaller gaps more effectively helps to explain the underlying principle of Ultrasonic Diffusion. Equally these smaller particles are better able to adhere to hair and skin – or any uneven surface – than larger particles, like those found in traditional sprays and aerosols.

RÉDUIT Ultrasonic Diffusion disperses particles of 20µm – avoiding dangerous nano particles and ensuring your safety at all times – the optimal delivery size for your skin and hair. Compared to the size of a traditional spray product, the droplets are 50x smaller, meaning we deliver only concentrated actives exactly where they’re needed.

The vibration from Ultrasonic Diffuser disrupts the liquid of the product, breaking it down into its base molecules, which in turn creates a more efficient delivery of our magnetic misting technology.

When you reduce a product to its most powerful form; reduce the unnecessary, reduce the waste… you in turn amplify the results. No binders, no fixatives, just feather-light formulas with concentrated actives delivered in the most effective delivery system yet. Is it time for you to join the quiet beauty revolution?