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The beauty industry is hiding a dirty secret. It’s a secret that directly impacts our health, as detailed by the eye-opening documentary ‘Toxic Beauty’, which lifted the lid on the beauty industry’s dangerous corner-cutting and health-harming ingredients.

Something to think about next time you’re at the beauty counter, and certainly something to check regarding regulations outside the U.S.; a lack of regulatory controls means consumers are increasingly having to do their own research to find non-toxic solutions.

The problem is partly to do with the myths and misinformation surrounding the beauty industry. Many people wrongly believe ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ equates to non-toxic (not always so, particularly as these loose terms hide any manner of sins from bacterial and fungal growth, to inflammatory base ingredients). Equally, people wrongly believe that expense equates to efficacy, which we know clinically not to be the case.

Marketing techniques and language designed to sell have meant that without a degree in biochemistry, the mere mortal can’t hope to decipher the truth. Or can they?

Learning your azelaic from your glycolic, your humectant from your emollient, or your zinc oxide from your oxybenzone is a good place to start. The internet is full of impartial INCI list decoders that you can use when considering a new product. Certain marketers will fool you into believing the one drop of active ingredient in a 200ml product will be powerful enough to make a difference, while the truth is that the most effective formulations have the perfect balance of clinically proven active ingredients. Research is key to making informed decisions, always.

It’s important to note that beauty products have a trail of costs involved, from the development, the sourcing, the producing, the packaging and promotion, it all costs money. To save money, many manufacturers will cut corners, sourcing cheap, near readymade solutions in bulk to minimize the costs of research, testing and development. Many of these products contain thousands of chemical ingredients that go unnoticed in testing and are marked as residue which never make it into the ingredients list. This is the beauty industry’s dirty secret.

Cheap ingredients and chemicals are proven to cause damage to our health, which materialize in the form of skin issues such as allergies, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and worse, while the toxicity is has been shown to disrupt our internal organs, our gut biome, mental health and fertility too.

One thing we at RÈDUIT are very proud of is the purity and quality of our formulas. Due to the advanced nature of the technologies used in our devices, we were able to develop minimal formulations that harness the real potency of the active ingredients, with none of the thickeners, binders and nondescript toxic ingredients that damage the health. It’s truly a much-needed evolution for the industry.

Our products are free of harmful alcohols, allergens, gluten, sulphates, parabens and synthetic fragrances… Just a concentration of exactly what you need, delivered just where you need it. We believe in beauty solutions that are clean, efficient and lightweight, with no high cost to your health or the planet.