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Christmas is all about giving, but forgive us this year if the top of our Christmas gifting list is ourselves. If there was ever a year where a little bit of self care, love and indulgence was required, it is the year 2020! But don’t take our word for it. Take note from the global beauty powerhouse herself, HUDA Beauty, and reach for the new luxe beauty products that are perfect for giving back to……YOU!

In her latest blog post, HUDA Beauty highlights the ‘pretty unique’ REDUIT One hair device and the ‘powerful formulas’ of the small but mighty Hairpods, as the best performance haircare treatment for all hair types.

“We love a good beauty tool and this new toy is pretty unique! The brand has created a tool that helps to reduce waste by delivering a tiny 5ml haircare pod that gives up to 40 applications! This cuts back on waste and reduces the number of ingredients needed. The tool uses ultrasonic diffusion that diffuses particles 50 times smaller than a regular spray to create a fine mist that delivers the active ingredients onto the hair in their most concentrated form, leaving every strand of your hair nourished and rejuvenated in just 30 seconds. The powerful formulas, which include a Micellar Water Pre-Shampoo TreatmentVolume Mist LED Hairpod™, and a Shine Diffusion LED Hairpod™, combine with precise delivery to create a performance haircare treatment that is still gentle enough to be used on all hair types.”

HUDA goes on to remind followers that REDUIT’s ‘super impressive’ Return and Renew program is also rewarding consumers for their part in the quest towards sustainable beauty. Be like HUDA and reward yourself this festive season.

So add a little beauty magic to your own Christmas stocking this year. Festive bundles of joy and years of precision beauty experiences await!