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Combat Your Skin Enemies: Dry Air and Cold Weather

Winter is synonymous with skin suffering: lower temperatures and humidity levels leave skin dry, while harsh winds, dry indoor heat and extra hot water from showers can make the problem worse. Add to that a pandemic, forcing us to spend even more time indoors with artificial temperatures, and it’s a disaster waiting to happen for our skin.

Many people don’t realise, but we need a more targeted approach to our skincare regime when the mercury drops. Extra nourishing and hydration will address the tightness and dryness often brought about by the environmental extremes, while protective measures will help avoid the problem arising in the first place.

RÈDUIT has developed a simple routine to ‘winterproof’ your skin, leaving it hydrated and ready for anything.

First, it’s important to begin with clean skin, using lukewarm or cold water rather than hot. This will help to avoid stripping your skin and disrupting its barrier, while keeping pores tight and skin glossy.

Our Skinpods are designed to be as gentle as possible for your skin. The perfect second-step cleanse – Clean Vapor – helps to deep clean pores without disturbing the skin’s moisture balance.

Your skin needs moisture right after cleansing; apply Hydro Boost on damp skin to seal in the hydration. Our rich Hydro Boost skinpod is specially designed for people with sensitive skin making it the ideal hydration hero for all skin types during winter.

Lock in the moisture and add a layer of protection with Precision Shield. Protecting skin from environmental aggressors, Precision Shield is designed to protect in both cold and hot climates making it a perfect skin companion for daily use. The finish is super light meaning no heavy residue, keeping you protected and hydrated, whatever the weather.

Be mindful of not aggravating skin with excess exfoliation during winter; whether you use a physical or chemical exfoliant, once a week should be plenty and be sure to follow up with some added nourishing moisture.

A general rule of thumb for winter skincare is the same we would apply to ourselves: protect, nourish and hydrate, with some added TLC to counter the harsh extremes of the season.

REDUIT has bundled these winterproofing Skinpods into one handy collection.

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