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THE RÉDUIT UNI: A multi-tasking beauty solution


The RÉDUIT UNI is a breakthrough in beauty tech – a device designed to treat both skin and hair, using the revolutionary delivery system of the brand’s 24 Skinpod and Hairpod treatments; and compatible with all future pods to follow.

At RÉDUIT we pride ourselves on delivering all the beauty benefits with none of the traditional compromises. No heavy, oily films or unnecessary ingredients sitting on skin and hair – just exceptional formulas and results, delivered in the most efficient way possible.

All of our products are created without compromise; the finest of actives, with higher grade, more potent ingredients, packed into a weightless, air-light formulation.

The system stems from our proprietary technologies; highly advanced, intelligent solutions that are both sustainable and travel friendly.


  • Universal: Designed to be used with all existing Smartpods for skin and hair, as well as the LED range. (Existing Smartpod range comprises 24 treatments, 12 for skin and 12 for hair).
  • Ultrasonic Diffusion: Applying products by hand or spray means most of the active ingredient is lost before it’s able to penetrate. Ultrasonic Diffusion disperses droplets 50 times smaller than a traditional product, ensuring the finest of droplets reach your skin and hair, absorbing instantly, without any excess heavy residue.
  • Magnetic Misting: The job of the outer layers – skin, hair and nails – is to protect you from external factors. This makes penetration of traditional product close to impossible, as it sits on the surface, unable to absorb. Magnetic Misting reduces the surface tension between your skin and hair while small droplets created by Ultrasonic Diffusion enable deeper penetration of actives.
  • Boost Mode: Activates faster dispersal of powerful actives for stronger performance and a better result. Press the button one more time and feel the extra shot of power. Boost mode amplifies the dispersal of actives onto your skin and hair, misting out more ingredients for superior results.
  • Medical Grade Silicone: Made with non-porous medical-grade silicone for a cleaner, non-slip option, perfect for everyday use.
  • Long Lasting Battery: Travel friendly with a two-hour charge that lasts 3-months.
  • Smart Skinpods: Automatic formula recognition fit for Skinpods and Hairpods with a simple click-in mechanism.

RÉDUIT UNI is exclusively available on Cult Beauty and our site.