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HELLO WORLD: Introducing RÉDUIT’s Wellness Sister Brand, SWISSWELL

We’re so proud to add another member to the growing Wellfully family with the launch of SWISSWELL! Enhanced with the same technology that powers your RÉDUIT beauty devices, the Lubricen® knee patch will revolutionize the health and wellness space. We have prepared a limited pre-launch offer that we are happy to share with you: pre-register to unlock access for an exclusive limited offer! Offer is limited to one product per client order and will be shipping in September.
Here’s why you’ll love this cutting edge innovation.

RÉDUIT’s enhanced delivery technology for skin and hair beauty treatments will now also be available for health and wellness applications designed for drug-free joint treatments with SWISSWELL’s first, the Lubricen® knee patches.

That’s right!

If you’ve read one of our more recent blog posts, you might already know how we utilize diamagnetism  to push skin & hair treatments deeper into the skin with our innovative beauty solutions.

Now, this effective and one-of-a-kind delivery system is used to push ingredients deep through the skin and into the tissue around the knee which allows the Lubricen® patch to address joint inflammation, support joint function, and provide relief at the core rather than just superficially. Because the patch contains drug-free ingredients, it offers an ongoing solution without any fear of side effects, something that is currently lacking on the market.

The groundbreaking SWISSWELL Lubricen® is taking its first steps to bring this cutting edge new innovation into the homes of people worldwide.

And YOU get to be a part of that!

By taking our invitation and pre-registering you can unlock the exclusive limited offer and be among the very first people in the world to try this new innovation in pain management! Presales of the new SWISSWELL Lubricen® knee patch are limited to one product per customer and can only be accessed by invitation or pre-registration via