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The beauty world is all about facial misters right now, which also means many have been wondering whether they’re worth the hype. That’s exactly what a global esthetician set out to uncover in her recent video. 

Cassandra Bankson is a model, published writer, medical esthetician, and a skincare expert who has been in the industry for over 10 years. Her goal has been to uplift and guide others through the ups and down of their skincare journey, as someone who has been dealing with acne for over 15 years. She helps educate and empower others to look past product labels and marketing, and make informed decisions when it comes to skincare. 

Cassandra has been using RÉDUIT devices and treatments for both skin and hair over the last three months and shared her expert opinion of how RÉDUIT beauty treatments fared compared to similar micro-mist devices, as well as what the benefit of such enhanced delivery application actually is, and what it does.

RÉDUIT devices use Ultrasonic Diffusion and proprietary Enhanced Delivery Magnetic Misting technology to evenly disperse beauty treatments with a soothing micro-mist, and by using the diamagnetic property of water, push the treatments deep into skin and hair. Along with our carefully curated skin and hair treatments that contain high-quality actives and reduce the use of unnecessary filler ingredients, our skincare and haircare is more effective and more sustainable than traditional products.

This is what Cassandra had to say about her experience with RÉDUIT:

“What did the RÉDUIT do for me? I actually liked that I could feel this going on the skin, I could see where it was, and I actually did feel like it was working. The pink little pods, the Precision Shield, I really felt like this was soothing, I didn’t see any breakouts. […] It left my skin feeling very soft and very supple. And I have to say, just the way that this little mist is shot out, it felt kind of like a massage. […] It’s a very luxurious experience.”

Don’t just take our word for it – view Cassandra’s full review and in depth research of why misting your beauty ingredients is the only way forward for all your beauty needs!

In the Youtube video, Cassandra compared two beauty brands that use a mist application, and showcased RÉDUIT’s UNI and SPA devices.

When it came to RÉDUIT, she loved how comfortable and soothing the mist felt, saying it was almost like a facial massage. In comparison to another brand, that experienced leakage and produced a loud noise when in use, she likened using  RÉDUIT treatments to a luxury spa experience – but from the comfort of your home. Along with that, she valued the high-quality active ingredients used in the treatment formulations, especially the fact that the skincare treatments are fragrance-free.

Considering sustainability is important to Cassandra, she also appreciates RÉDUIT’s sustainability focus and our Return and Renew program which gives you one FREE Smartpod of your choice after sending 4 used Smartpods back to us. 

You can watch her detailed comparison and thoughts in her ‘Are Facial Misters Worth the Hype?’ Youtube video