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Skinimalism, also known as skin minimalism, is a new trend taking over the beauty world. Until now, most have been firm believers that the more skincare products you have in your regular routine, the better. The more active-packed, shine-inducing skincare, the more your face will have that coveted nourished, glowing shine.

However, according to Pinterest’s 2021 Trend Predictions, this kind of outlook might be changing – and fast – especially with continuous efforts to make the beauty industry more sustainable and planet-friendly. 

So, what is skinimalism really?

Embracing skinimalism means reducing steps you have in your skincare, or even make-up, routine. With skincare, less can be more. Just because you reduce the amount of products you use daily, doesn’t mean your skincare will be less effective at giving you that hydrated glow. It can mean incorporating more multitasking products into your routine – for example, a moisturizer that has SPF, instead of separate creams that contain either SPF protection or hydration. When it comes to make-up, you can do this by, for example, using a nourishing BB cream instead of a thicker foundation. 

The point of this is to commit to a sustainable beauty routine, and nourish your skin with exactly what it needs, when it needs it, instead of overloading it with products and creating a dependency on them for your skin.

You can make your skin shine with a natural glow by using high-quality ingredients and actives without having to pack your skin full of them through eight or more different products.  

The two most recommended items you use in your skincare when trying to skinimize is a gentle cleanser that you can use in the morning and in the evening, and a moisturizer with SPF. Other than that you can include one more item in your routine based on your needs or concerns. Overall, what’s most important for a skinimal routine are good formulas in the skincare products you use. 

The guiding principle of skinimalism is less is more, which completely aligns with what we’re about here at RÉDUIT. If you’re looking to skinimalize your routine and make it more sustainable, we have everything you need. 

How to skinimize your routine with RÉDUIT?  

When we’re talking about less is more, we have to mention the Hydro Boost Skinpod which has been tested and proven to provide 25% more hydration with 10 times less product* used. Along with that, due to heavily reducing the amount of filler ingredients used in beauty treatments, each Skinpod (and Hairpod) contains only between 10-20 ingredients, most of them being actives. This is significantly less compared to traditional products which, on average, contain anywhere between 15 to 50 ingredients in its formulations. 

As the purpose of skin minimalism is to include fewer products with more high-quality pure actives, RÉDUIT treatments are the perfect way to transition into a skinimal routine. 

Our Enhanced Skin Delivery set will make you wonder why you haven’t already switched to a more sustainable, simplified but active-packed skincare routine. It contains two powerful Skinpods, Precision Shield and Pearl Diffusion, that will hydrate, protect, even out your skin tone, and give you that healthy-glow finish. Treat your skin to next-level hydration and protection from environmental and external aggressors by improving your skin barrier function (TEWL**) by 28%+ due to active Niacinamide penetration**. Other than that, this treatment set has everything you need to even out your skin tone, and will show 50% less redness* of your skin.

The best part? This treatment works as the ideal primer, improving your makeup’s longevity and giving it a clean finish. That’s one less step in your make-up routine! 

In case you still don’t have a RÉDUIT device to use with your treatments – you’re in luck! These two revolutionary Skinpods are also a part of our UNI GLOW UP set. Unlike the Enhanced Skin Delivery set, where you get four Skinpods total, this one has only one of each Skinpod – Precision Shield and Pearl Diffusion – however, you also get a UNI device included.

If you do decide to try out this skinimal trend before the end of 2021, consider giving  RÉDUIT treatments a try, and we promise that with minimal skincare, you can get the maximum effect. 

*In vivo study, Wellfully Skin Science and Innovation Laboratory: changes of skin moisture Hydro Boost / Pearl Diffusion vs French Hydrating Moisture emulsion

**Source: Clinical test, 54 woman aged 30-60 years