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The biggest shopping holiday of the year is finally here! And the choices can be, well, overwhelming! Whether you’re using Black Friday to treat yourself to all the goodies you’ve bookmarked this year, or you’re looking to do some Christmas shopping early — this day can be a lot to handle.
With 35% OFF THE ENTIRE SITE, you might have trouble choosing where to start. So to make things easier, we will help you navigate the offer through our Black Friday bestseller list.


Many of our users already know and love the compact and travel-friendly UNI device. By using our patented enhanced delivery technology, the irresistible UNI enables the pure actives to get absorbed deeper and faster into skin, making the micro-mist treatments more effective.

When it comes to Skinpods, it all depends on your personal concerns, needs, and lifestyle – however, there are some fan-favorites that have made it onto the RÉDUIT Bestseller list.  

Ageless Mist Skinpod, with its key active ingredient, Copper Tripeptide, will boost your skin’s elasticity, visibly reduce fine lines & wrinkles, help prevent further signs of aging and give you that youthful glow. People who love this powerful Skinpod report on how much tighter their skin felt after only weeks of use.

Here’s what what a customer had to say about it:

Very happy with the results. I’ve been using this skinpod for about a month and I think my fine lines have reduced significantly and my skin feels more tight and soft to touch. I also love the application process so quick, easy and refreshing.” – B.M.

Precision Shield Skinpod serves as the best protection for skin against external or thermic aggressors, such as cold weather, wind, and air conditioning or heating, while also providing some much needed nourishment. It contains Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, which has strong antioxidant properties and will soothe your skin, leaving it feeling soft. 

Pearl Diffusion Skinpod contains Niacinamide as the key active, which makes it ideal if you want to even out your skin tone, or brighten and revive the appearance of tired or dull-looking skin. It will also help you decrease hyperpigmentation, leaving you with that healthy glow.

If you want it all and would like a combination of these Skinpods WITH a new UNI, you should take a look at our special value sets below, UNI AGE REFRESH & UNI GLOW UP.

The UNI AGE REFRESH set contains a UNI Lavender Calm device along with Precision Shield and Ageless Mist Skinpods. This set is ideal for skin rejuvenation and protection, as well as some powerful nourishment.

If you are looking for a set that will protect, brighten, and revitalize your skin, and give you that full facial refresh, the UNI GLOW UP set is just what you need. It contains a UNI Forest Green device, together with Precision Shield and Pearl Diffusion Skinpods.

Sure, our micro-mist skincare is amazing, but don’t take our word for it: 8 out of 10 women*** commented that they noticed improved penetration of actives, and felt their skin was smoother, softer and more resilient – after only 4 weeks of use! That’s the feedback we love!


The RÉDUIT Hairpods have quickly become popular with our users worldwide. For a reason: they will revolutionize the way you approach your haircare and will give it that luminous shine!

Shine Diffusion Hairpod will improve your hair quality and provide that sleek, radiant shine, but it’s also perfect when trying to deal with pesky flyaways. Your hair will get that much-needed shine, giving it a silky smooth finish. 

Precision Conditioner Hairpod repairs and renews hair in just seconds and, along with being a great heat-styling protection, it is an ideal solution if you’re struggling with tangled locks, since it requires 40%* less combing force while detangling hair. Here’s what a customer had to say about it:

This product is absolutely unique and nothing even comes close to it. The results are amazing! It makes my hair feel so soft, and it only needs a little bit of product.” – Magdalena

Vapored Strength Hairpod was created to completely transform and revitalize your hair, improving its resilience and the strength of your locks. It infuses hair with essential nutrients to improve hair texture and increase its density, and provides 60% better absorption of Betaine** when used with the Magnetic Misting technology contained in all of our devices.
If you’d like a combination of these Hairpods, together with an irresistible UNI device, you are already guessing – you can find them matched in our value sets, UNI NOURISH & PROTECT & UNI STRENGTHEN & REPAIR.

The UNI NOURISH & PROTECT set includes a UNI Lime Lift device, along with Shine Diffusion and Vapored Strength Hairpods. This set will restore your hair, regenerate it and give it that extra resilience. Your hair will be less prone to breakage and will have that silky, sleek finish.

If you want to protect your hair from heat-styling, to repair and renew it, while giving it a frizz-free finish, you should check out our UNI STRENGTHEN & REPAIR set, which comes with UNI Dusty Blue device, and Vapored Strength and Precision Conditioner Hairpods. Your hair will be smoother to the touch and easier to style – in no time.


So there you have it – our list of top beauty bestsellers that are guaranteed to revolutionize and enhance your beauty routine. If you’ve been wanting to try out these one-of-a-kind skin & hair products, there’s no better time than – NOW! 

Only during our Black Friday sale, will you get 35% OFF all our Skinpods, Hairpods and RÉDUIT devices! Welcome to the micro-mist future!

*Test: Hair conditioning with DP by combing force, using the combing force apparatus

**Test: Franz Diffusion Cells and Experimental Apparatus

***Consumer Perceived Performance; 45-50 Females, Age 40-65 years, Self perception scoring at weeks 2, 4 and 8, eSkin vs traditional finger application