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What better time to offer 35% off the latest beauty-tech solutions than for Cyber Monday? And what better time to talk some more about what beauty-tech really is?

Tech-enhanced products have become a staple in most industries – from fitness and wellness, to art and music. The beauty industry is no exception: brands around the world are starting to explore ways to utilize technology with makeup or skin & hair care products. 

For example, there are now “smart mirrors” that can monitor your complexion to determine just how well your skincare products are actually working. It’s only a matter of time before they become able to analyze your skin and suggest the ideal products for you to try, perhaps using augmented reality to help you visualize certain makeup products – the possibilities are limitless. 

However, the most important turning point in the beauty industry recently has been the emergence of “conscious sustainability”, also known as mindful minimalism. This is something we’re particularly excited and passionate about as it resonates deeply with REDUIT’s very mission and core values. For us, less is more – both when it comes to packaging and the product itself. 

This new philosophy entails something called the ingredient transparency as well. There are already mobile apps out there able to scan skincare products and analyze the ingredients in order to help users find cleaner beauty products

A vast majority of traditional beauty products will use some 35-50 ingredients in their formulations, many of them quite unnecessary or at least not active in the actual skin or hair care.

This is where RÉDUIT comes in, taking another step toward the future by getting rid of the inactive and unnecessary, narrowing the Skinpod and Hairpod formulations down to 10-20 ingredients, most of which are pure actives.

These are just some examples of the small – and not so small – advancements toward a tech-driven future that is fast approaching. 

What’s the future of beauty and where does RÉDUIT fit in? 

As Paul Peros, founder and CEO of RÉDUIT, shared in a recent Forbes interview

“Our touchless way to deliver skincare was another solution RÉDUIT brought to the table in COVID times. We also understand that in this new normal, consumers’ behaviors will continue to evolve and we are committed to staying ahead of the curve, reinventing beauty tech for the better.” 

Facial misters are quickly becoming a modern staple in the skincare industry, but what exactly does that mean for the future… The beauty industry is in dire need of a makeover, one that would make it more sustainable and efficient. 

We believe in the future of beauty that is both simple and advanced, with touchless skincare and haircare application. We are talking about the fast-absorbing, deeply penetrating treatments that help you achieve better results.

Beauty treatments that don’t contain unnecessary filler ingredients which can cause allergies or unwanted skin reactions. Beauty products that don’t create extra waste for the environment. 

Here at RÉDUIT, we’re already taking large leaps toward the future, and will keep innovating in the space of skincare and haircare with the goal of transforming & modernizing the beauty industry. After leading a renowned Swedish skincare brand to global success, Paul Peros knew he wanted to keep changing the beauty industry.

“While the brand is new, our work on enhanced delivery technologies spans two decades. Our research and development process has been 20 years in the making and includes turning drug delivery technologies, traditionally used by the world’s top pharma companies (GSK, Pfizer, J&J etc.), to help with everyday medical issues into everyday, consumer skin and hair products. With my background in physics and my zeal for innovation, I desired to create a brand that integrates both science and nature—quantum beauty, if you will. This is what’s at the core of our principles at RÉDUIT Precision beauty,” Paul commented in the recent Forbes article. 

If you haven’t already, take a look at our selection of beauty devices and skin & hair treatments that will take your beauty routine into the future. You will find RÉDUIT devices at 35% OFF AND all of our Skinpods and Hairpods are now at 35% OFF as well.

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