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When you think of winter, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? 

Maybe it’s snow, fluffy blankets, dinners with family and friends, celebrating your favorite holidays, entering the new year, or just enjoying the magic of this season. 

However, for some of us, winter also reminds us of how sensitive our skin & hair are to cold weather, harsh winds, and in-door heating…

During winter your skin might feel dry, flaky or rough, and your hair might be more dull, lifeless, and brittle than usual due to lack of moisture. The major culprits for that are, as mentioned, harsh, cold weather and indoor heating. If that’s what makes you nervous about enjoying a winter wonderland, we have some tips on how to keep your skin & hair glowing during this festive season.


No better way to start the holiday season than with a glow up… and no better way to reach that glowy skin than with our patented enhanced delivery, Magnetic Misting treatments. They use physics-based technology (diamagnetism) to push active ingredients much deeper into skin, making them more effective. On top of this next level beauty tech, we have the perfect set for this festive season. 

Take a look at the UNI GLOW UP set which rejuvenates, refreshes and revitalizes skin, leaving it with a healthy, nourished glow. It contains a UNI Forest Green device with the Precision Shield and Pearl Diffusion Skinpods.

If you already have your REDUIT device and you want to improve your complexion and revive your skin after an outdoor outing, you can get the Pearl Diffusion Skinpod separately.


Something you might already be very familiar with – mainly because it really does impact different areas of life – is making sure you’re always drinking enough water. You can always moisturize your skin and hair from the surface but it’s equally important to hydrate from the inside out. Set up reminders to take regular water sips, or write a little post-it note and keep it always within sight. 


Technically, the best advice would be to avoid any kind of heat-styling during winter, including blow drying your hair. Instead, you should try letting it air dry when you can, preferably at night. However, we know that’s not very doable for most people. Maybe you don’t like leaving your hair damp, you’re in a rush and have long hair, or you’re used to straightening or curling your hair in general. 

That’s why you should invest in treatments that offer not only nourishment but protection as well. We recommend our Precision Conditioner Hairpod which not only provides nourishment, but helps when struggling with tangled locks, since it requires 40%** less combing force while detangling hair.


Along with avoiding direct heat when drying hair, it’s recommended – for both skin and hair – to avoid taking hot showers. We know – the best part about showering in winter is stepping into that steamy shower but, for your skin & hair health, it’s the opposite of amazing. They dry out and irritate skin. They also strip both hair and skin of their protective oils. That’s why experts recommend luke-warm showers – if you can’t force yourself to take the cold ones. 


It’s always a great feeling when you start the new year fresh. You get that ‘new year, even better me’ feeling that’s hard to resist. Along with that, it’s the perfect time to try out new things.

If you’re looking for a new approach to skincare and want to try out the latest, most effective beauty trends… you need to get your hands on our Enhanced Skin Delivery set.

The perfect way to get the facial of your dreams, this enhanced beauty set contains Precision Shield and Pearl Diffusion Skinpods. This powerful skincare set provides skin with next-level hydration along with protection from environmental and external aggressors by improving skin barrier function (TEWL*) by 28%+ due to active Niacinamide penetration, along with evening out skin tone and showing 50% less redness*.

There you have it – a few beauty tips that will keep your hair and skin as magical as the season. Psst… keep an eye on our website or sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about our special pre-holiday deals! 

*Clinical test, 54 women aged 30-60 years. Niacinamide moisturizer applied using the magnet applicator as compared to both no-treatment and finger application.

**Test: Hair conditioning with DP by combing force, using the combing force apparatus