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It’s the season for… great skincare! And holiday gifts. There’s no reason you can’t have both: to make your shopping easier we already shared with you our Bestseller List. However, if you’re looking to finally treat yourself (after getting presents for everyone else) OR if you’re still missing a few items to gift wrap this year, we’ve prepared a Holiday Gift Guide that will (hopefully) make getting the best skin & hair care effortless both for you and your loved ones. 


There’s no better time for a new skin-vest-ment than right now. Start the new year fresh-faced and ready for new challenges. Save time in your beauty routine with 15-second treatments, but don’t compromise on the benefits. RÉDUIT’s skincare uses patented enhanced delivery technology to ensure ingredients are absorbed deeper into the skin, making them more effective.

Maybe you’re looking for something that can make your skin soft and supple, but also protect it? In that case Precision Shield Skinpod is your perfect match. It protects skin against external or thermic aggressors, such as cold weather, wind, and air conditioning or heating – all while soothing skin and providing some much needed nourishment.

For those that want to even out or bring a healthy glow to their skin, the ideal choice will be our Pearl Diffusion Skinpod. It quickly and successfully revives the appearance of tired or dull-looking skin, helps you decrease hyperpigmentation and leaves you with a healthy glow.

Perhaps all you want is to nourish your skin well with intense hydrating treatments. The go-to solution is the Hydro Boost Skinpod! It will deeply hydrate your skin and revitalize your complexion. Along with that, it decreases dark spots and hyperpigmentation. 

In the end, if what you really need is to reduce skin redness & blemishes, you need to try the Clear Dew Skinpod. It will minimize and treat blemishes without irritating the skin, reduce redness and lessen the possibility of new breakouts – all while giving you a healthy, nourished shine. 


Don’t let your hair go dry this winter: you can have a sleek, radiant glow and soft, nourished locks all year ‘round! All you need are the right treatments for your concerns, needs and lifestyle. With RÉDUIT 15-second treatments you’ll be red-carpet ready in the blink of an eye. 

When it comes to hair, most love getting that healthy shine. If you’re one of them you’ll love the Shine Diffusion Hairpod. It will improve your hair quality and provide that sleek, radiant shine, but it’s also perfect when trying to deal with pesky flyaways. Your hair will get that much-needed shine, giving it a silky smooth finish.

If you’re looking to strengthen your hair, check out the Vapored Strength Hairpod. It was created to completely revitalize your hair, improving its resilience and the strength of your locks. This treatment also infuses hair with essential nutrients to improve hair texture, providing 60% better absorption of Betaine** when used with our Magnetic Misting technology.

Want to volumize and nourish your hair? Try the Volume Mist Hairpod which easily transforms fine, lifeless locks into thicker, voluminous hair that’s full of life. Add volume without weighing your hair down and enjoy a sleek, silky finish. 

Do you color your hair and wish you could retain its vibrancy? You’re in luck, because the Color Protect Skinpod maintains the vibrancy of your hair color while protecting hair from aggressors such as pollution, harsh wind, or UV light.


But where to start, if you are a micro-mist newbie? Well, why not try our skin & hair sets? Great value-for-money, they all come with a UNI device, giving you everything you need to start your new and enhanced micro-mist beauty routine. Take a look at the ones we picked or visit our value set page for more options. 

Need a set that will protect, brighten, and revitalize your skin? Take a look at the UNI GLOW UP SET and treat yourself to that full facial refresh. It contains a UNI Forest Green device, together with the Precision Shield and Pearl Diffusion Skinpods.

How about some rejuvenation and protection? The UNI AGE REFRESH SET provides powerful nourishment, improves skin elasticity and will leave you with a youthful glow. This set contains a UNI Lavender Calm device along with the Precision Shield and Ageless Mist Skinpods.

You want to focus on your hair care? You’ll love the UNI NOURISH & PROTECT SET which will restore your hair, give it that extra resilience, make it less prone to breakage and leave it with a silky, sleek finish. It includes a UNI Lime Lift device, along with the Shine Diffusion and Vapored Strength Hairpods. 

Looking to protect your hair from heat-styling and strengthen it? The one for you is the UNI STRENGTHEN & REPAIR SET. It protects your hair from heat-styling, repairs and renews it, and gives it a frizz-free finish – making it smoother to the touch and easier to style. This set comes with a UNI Dusty Blue device, and the Vapored Strength and Precision Conditioner Hairpods.

After all these suggestions, you (or your loved ones!) are bound to start the new year with some exciting beauty rituals. We all need some magic in our lives, so check out what micro-mist treatments can do for you! 

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