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New skin & hair care routine – new you! No better time to kickstart your new beauty routine than the new year. While most New Year’s resolutions are gym-themed, food-centered, or simply a promise to yourself to kick a bad habit (such as smoking), why not choose this year as the one when you kickstart a skin and hair rejuvenation!

Although it’s easy to want to take a step in the right direction, taking those steps can prove tricky for most. In fact a 2020 poll of 2,000 Americans showed that it takes 32 days for the average person to finally give up on or cheat on their resolution(s), with 68% reporting they had given up their resolutions even sooner than that. 

On the other hand, it takes between 18 and 254 days to form a new habit, and an average of 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic. Considering that, it’s easy to see why long-lasting changes can be difficult to implement, especially at the start of the year when we view them as another resolution and take comfort in the fact that ‘everyone knows people don’t stick to their resolutions’. 

That’s why a new beauty routine approach should be different. It’s not just a New Year resolution, it’s a whole new lifestyle. A couple of small changes to your daily life, those that make sense for your lifestyle, will make it easier for you to reap all the benefits. That smooth & strong skin or hair? You can get it. Radiant glow for your face or locks? It’s yours!

All you have to do… is start the new year afresh and step up your skin & hair care!

RÉDUIT offers a line of beauty products that are made for all your needs, goals, and lifestyle. With our newest subscription program, you can even make sure that you get your monthly dose of skin & hair care regularly and never run out of them – another important part if you’re trying to build a new, healthy beauty routine. 

For example, if you’re looking to start your new year with that perfect, nourished glow, we recommend our Hydro Boost Skinpod. This powerful skin treatment has been tested and proven to provide 25% more hydration with 10 times less product* used.

Or maybe you’re looking to rejuvenate your skin and get that youthful-looking complexion. In that case, the ideal addition to your routine would be Ageless Mist Skinpod. It boosts skin elasticity, making skin softer to the touch, as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Maybe you don’t have your UNI device yet, so you’re looking to get it all… we have what you need!

You can take a look at our special value sets and choose your favorite one, or, if you’d like to subscribe to our beauty treatments, you can choose one of our recommended bundles and get a FREE UNI device as a gift for subscribing. Unsure where to start? Take a look at our UNI GLOW UP set, ideal for that new year glow-up. It keeps your skin protected from external aggressors while refreshing and brightening it. 

If your focus is on getting your hair back up to it’s usual silky shine and smooth, strong locks… we recommend the UNI STRENGTHEN & REPAIR set. It repairs, renews and revitalizes hair in seconds, leaving it less prone to breakage, and with an air-light, frizz-free finish. It’s also available as a standalone set or part of our subscription deals!

Those are just a few RÉDUIT product suggestions to help you on your way to a new, enhanced beauty routine. However, if you can’t decide on which Skinpods or Hairpods are right for you, you can also take our Beauty Quiz for a personalized recommendation.  

Along with that, here are a few areas you should pay special attention to for the best results: 


We’ve already covered the importance of beauty sleep in one of our blog posts, but it’s something to keep in mind when starting the year afresh. It can be difficult to get enough sleep when you’re busy. However, a good night’s sleep will make a huge difference not only for your overall health but for your skin’s health as well. 


Hydration starts from within, so while it’s important to use moisturizers for hair and keep your hair nourished as well, you can’t forget about water intake too. Reminding yourself to always stay hydrated might not have immediate effects but if you keep at it for a few weeks or months, you’re guaranteed to notice a difference in your life (and your skin & hair!).


This isn’t about dieting – don’t worry. When we say better food, we’re talking about foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that help keep your skin & hair healthier than ever. For example, fatty fish is a great source of protein, selenium, vitamin D3 and B vitamins, nutrients that are not only amazing for your overall skin health, but may also help promote strong and healthy hair. Vitamin A and Vitamin C are amazing antioxidants and can protect from free radicals. You can also do your own research to find out which vitamins or supplements are ideal for your skin & hair goals.


Since it’s the time of Christmas parties, followed by the mandatory New Year’s Eve celebration, and you’re the type that likes to put on makeup instead of going natural… there’s one important thing to keep in mind. Don’t fall asleep with your makeup on. A one-time incident probably won’t make a difference but if it becomes a habit your skin might pay the price. 


Easier said than done – we know. But, stress is the enemy of a good complexion and thick, luscious locks. Stress is overall bad for your health – both mental and physical. So make a promise to yourself for 2022 that you won’t let people or situations stress you out. Do your best to keep calm and your health will definitely benefit from it. 

There you have it, a few recommendations that will help you start the new year right. Don’t forget to take advantage of our Holiday Sale – still active for a short time only – or mix and match your favorite Skinpods or Hairpods as a subscription and get up to 25% off

*In vivo study, Wellfully Skin Science and Innovation Laboratory: changes of skin moisture Hydro Boost / Pearl Diffusion vs French Hydrating Moisture emulsion