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Everyone has at least one favourite skincare product. Maybe it’s the serum you’ve been loyal to for years, or the new moisturizer you discovered three months ago and won’t stop using. Or maybe you have a complete beauty routine full of your must-have skincare products…

But, what if you could make these favorites work better than ever? 

That’s why we designed our newest beauty innovation – BOOST. This powerful skincare tool will enhance the effects of the actives in your skincare and push them deeper into your skin, right where you need them the most and where they’ll be most efficient.

It’s simple: you choose your product, and BOOST will supercharge it!

Right now, this beauty innovation is exclusively available on Kickstarter, with perks that let you save up to 75% on your BOOST. Don’t miss the chance to be among the first to enjoy the benefits of this game changing beauty device. 

Read on to find out exactly why you’ll love the way this BOOSTs your skincare. 

Let’s start with a less-known fact… Using your fingers to apply your skincare means that only 4% of the actives in the products are absorbed into the skin. This creates a lot of product waste and even build-up on top of skin. 

BOOST’s unprecedented technology works with your existing skincare product to deliver the active ingredients better and deeper, making sure you don’t waste a single drop of your favorite products while getting the maximum benefits.

And that’s not all: paired with mobile application, BOOST will completely customize your skincare routine. Before using BOOST, you’ll be asked to scan the product you’re applying – this will allow the device to detect which active ingredients are the key components of your skincare product and adjust the treatment accordingly. 

To summarize, with BOOST you’ll experience:


Your lifestyle impacts all areas of your life – including your skin. BOOST takes into consideration all relevant parameters such as your age, gender, skin type, skin concerns and climate to design the ideal routine for you. It identifies the active ingredients in your skincare and pairs them with the matching LED light to form a unique profile – just for you. 


After the app familiarizes itself with your personal profile it will match your skincare product with a specific LED light color for a personalized, complementary LED treatment. For example, red LED light, known for its anti-aging properties, will be paired with your anti-aging cream or serum to enhance its results. Similarly, blue light LED treatments will be automatically matched with your anti-blemish products. 


Why settle for less than you deserve when you can have it all? BOOST detects the active ingredients in your skincare product, pushing them deeper into skin, where they can provide the best results ever. In fact, applying skincare products with BOOST will provide 4 times better absorption* than by using your fingertips alone. 


With its compact size, BOOST fits the palm of your hand perfectly. Minimal, ergonomic, and lightweight, it’s your ideal travel companion and on-the-go beauty companion.

Testing BOOST with various skincare products has shown better absorption* of:

UV PROTECTING AGENTS: 1.5 x better absorption*

ANTIOXIDANTS: 2.4 x better absorption*

BRIGHTENING AGENTS: 2.0 x better absorption*

HYDRATING AGENTS: 5.6 x better absorption*

ANTI-AGING AGENTS: 2.2 x better absorption*

You might already be familiar with the technology used in our other skin & hair care products and devices, such as UNI, SPA, and ONE. If you are, you might be wondering what makes BOOST so special…


When it comes to technology, BOOST uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology operating in the ultra-low frequency range.

Here’s a bit more about it: 

At the height of the space race in the 1970s, NASA needed a way to overcome bone mass loss in weightless conditions. Dr. C. A. Basset, a professor of Orthopaedics at Columbia University was hired to explore the use of his new technique of electrically stimulated bone growth called Electro-Osteo-Gensis. He eventually succeeded in replicating the small electrical signals generated naturally by bones when put under dynamic loading. From there, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT) evolved. 

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) are specifically configured, low-energy, time-varying, electromagnetic fields that combine:

  • A Magnetic Component that acts via diamagnetic repulsion on a target molecule, based on its diamagnetic susceptibility
  • An Inductive Iontophoretic Type Component that promotes streaming potentials and a transient increase in skin permeability.

This is the technology that enables diamagnetic materials, which are in your skincare, to be pushed deeper into the skin than they can normally do. 

We’ve already covered how we use diamagnetism in the UNI, SPA and ONE devices, which you can find more details on in our previous blog. However, there are key differences between those products and BOOST. 

UNI, SPA, and ONE use Ultrasonic Diffusion to produce droplets that are 50 times smaller than traditional spray products and ensure maximum coverage of the treatment. After that, Magnetic Misting technology uses diamagnetism to push the treatment deeper into skin.

Furthermore, UNI, SPA, and ONE were designed to work exclusively with the REDUIT Skinpods and Hairpods for a sustainable, minimal, and practical beauty routine. The Smartpods were designed to replace the traditional skin & hair products you currently use. 

That marks one of the key differences between them and our newest innovation BOOST.

Unlike UNI, SPA and ONE, which were designed to work exclusively with RÉDUIT Skinpods and Hairpods, BOOST works with your regular skincare products, supercharging the effect they have on your skin. Your usual skincare routine and the BOOST device – that’s all you need to get maximum results from your already beloved beauty products.

Additionally, as mentioned before, BOOST utilizes PEMF technology that does work on the principle of diamagnetic repulsion in order to push the ingredients deeper but the way this technology manifests is different than with UNI, SPA or ONE. 

That’s what makes this new product so revolutionary.

Imagine having the same skincare products you’ve been using for the past 5 years, suddenly have a much bigger, better impact on your skin. It also helps reduce product waste, which is in line with our efforts toward sustainability. 

Same skincare, completely new feeling and better results. 

You can now be one of the first people in the world to try this groundbreaking technology!

But, you’ll have to hurry.

BOOST is currently available as a Kickstarter exclusive and with some amazing perks – such as up to 75% off the product. Back to campaign today and you’ll get to BOOST your skincare before the product fully hits the market. 

*Source: In-vivo results, BOOST vs finger application