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That feeling when you’re about to start your usual skin or hair care routine and your stomach drops… because you realize that you’ve run out of product. What was supposed to be a refreshing morning or a soothing ritual before bed turns into a new chore you have to do – shopping for more beauty products. 

Instead of that, imagine getting your favorite skin or hair care product delivered directly to your doorstep – every month. No hassle. No worries. No risk of running out. Always be prepared and ready to take on the day ahead. 

That’s exactly what we did with the new RÉDUIT subscription model! You can now subscribe to the best of micro-mist skin & hair care by selecting your favorite Skinpods or Hairpods. 

Why should you get a RÉDUIT subscription?

There are many reasons why a subscription could be the smart choice for you.

For starters, by activating a recurring subscription you will never have to worry about running out of your skin & hair care favorites, and will always have a timely supply arriving at your door. You also don’t have to go through the hassle of having to reorder your chosen Skinpods and Hairpods or risk forgetting to top-up before you run out.

More importantly, for many, by getting a subscription to the best beauty treatments you will also be eligible for tempting discounts, based on the quantity you subscribe to.

The offer you will be able to claim with the subscription model is the following:

Get ONE Smartpod a month and receive 10% OFF

Get TWO Smartpods a month and receive 15% OFF

Get THREE Smartpods a month and receive 20% OFF

Get FOUR or more Smartpods a month and receive 25% OFF

OR you can choose one of our curated, preset bundles, designed to address specific concerns or goals.  


This 4-in-1 powerful beauty set is a skin-and-hair-care lover’s dream come true!

The perfect choice for you if you’re looking to even out, brighten, hydrate and protect your skin as well as protect and repair your hair, giving it that instant radiant, healthy shine.

The included Hairpods and RÉDUIT devices provide 40% easier* detangling, compared to traditional applications.


The set includes Precision Shield and Pearl Diffusion Skinpods for your skin, Precision Conditioner and Shine Diffusion Hairpods for your hair, as well as free UNI Lime Lift device with the first delivery. This micro-mist skin & hair set will be delivered to your doorstep each month, giving you everything you need for an enhanced morning and evening ritual. 


Your pro-grade facial in the comfort of your own home is just one click away!

This skincare power duo was designed to keep your skin protected against external aggressors, such as wind or sea salt, while also refreshing and brightening it. Due to active Niacinamide penetration** your skin barrier function (TEWL**) will be improved by 28%+.

Along with that, it evens out your skin tone and shows 50% less redness*** on your skin. 


The set includes two Pearl Diffusion and two Precision Shield Skinpods as well as free UNI Forest Green device with the first delivery. This stunning skincare set will be delivered to your doorstep each month to ensure you have everything you need to make your skin glow every day. 


Turn back time with this revitalizing skincare treatment!

Everything you need for a completely rejuvenating beauty experience in one exclusive anti-age set. If you’re looking to boost your skin’s elasticity, reduce the appearance of fine lines and help prevent further signs of ageing… this is the set for you!

It also keeps your skin protected against daily environmental aggressors and leaves your skin with a youthful-glow. 


The set includes two Precision Shield and two Ageless Mist Skinpods, as well as a free UNI Lavender Calm device with first delivery. This powerful skincare set will be delivered to your doorstep each month so you’ll always have exactly what you need to refresh your skin. 

All of our bestseller sets come at 25% OFF and with a FREE UNI device that you receive with the first month of subscription! However, as mentioned before, you can also mix and match your own ideal combination and still get a discount based on quantity – it just doesn’t come with the free UNI device. 
If you have any extra questions, make sure you check our FAQ, or feel free to reach out to our customer support at

*Clinical test, Evaluation of combing force in a gram of lift on counter-weight
**Source: Clinical test, 54 woman aged 30-60 years
***In vivo study, Wellfully Skin Science and Innovation Laboratory: changes of skin moisture Hydro Boost / Pearl Diffusion vs French Hydrating Moisture emulsion