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International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March and this year we decided to start this month by celebrating #TheRealYou

What does that mean? 

For us, that can mean whatever you want it to. Whichever version of you makes you feel most like yourself – the truest version of you. Be confident. Be bold. Be you. 

When you feel comfortable in your skin, your natural beauty shines through. That’s why our products amplify your natural beauty – enhancing what is already there. Though many people throw the word perfection around, in reality there’s no such thing. Beauty, much like other things in life, is subjective. Embrace yourself, love your imperfections, feel confident in your skin and celebrate your natural beauty.

How you commemorate this day is up to you – but we’ll highlight a few things that we personally think are worth celebrating. 

Embrace your femininity. 

Over the years femininity changed its meaning. It used to be the perception that if you’re feminine, you have to be a dainty, quiet woman that enjoys floral patterns and dresses. This, in turn, made women refer to themselves as not feminine if they didn’t fit into that boxed definition. However, through the years, the term has been taken back by women. You can be feminine while still enjoying things usually labeled as masculine. You can rock a pantsuit every day. Wear absolutely no makeup. Be loud and proud. Those are all feminine traits – it’s time women reclaim that word in its fullness and define it for themselves. We’re celebrating our femininity with an at home self-care ritual, including a little spa time for our skin.

The perfect way to do that is our SPA device coupled with the Enhanced Skin Delivery set. This skincare set will even out your skin tone, hydrate, and protect skin all while giving a healthy finishing glow, and next-level hydration.

Show off your confidence. 

You’ve probably heard before that confidence is attractive, and that’s definitely true. It’s something people can sense when they’re around you. It’s about how you carry yourself, how you act, and the way you handle various situations. However, that kind of confidence can be hard to achieve, but as long as you work on it every day, your confidence will shine through more and more. So, celebrate how great you already are. Boost your confidence even more by doing what makes you feel good in your skin. Maybe that’s wearing a nice pair of underwear, or your favorite pants, or maybe it’s making your face look fresh and radiant.

If it’s the latter, we definitely recommend giving our Hydro Boost Skinpod a try! It’s the perfect way to get that nourished glow and revitalize your complexion. 

Be fearlessly true to yourself. 

Staying true to yourself can sound easy, but it can be hard to actually do. Especially if you’re pressured by the outside world to fit into a box they designated. But, if you manage to be fearless in staying true to yourself, you’ll see how much of a positive impact that can have on your daily life. So take this Women’s Day as a chance to celebrate your power – in being yourself. Everything you are. Perfect in your imperfections. After all, diamonds are made under pressure. So shine bright, and be yourself. To inspire you to always feel that way, we recommend our Pearl Diffusion Skinpod and Shine Diffusion Hairpod. The Shine Diffusion Hairpod will also tame those pesky flyaways, and provide vital moisture for silky, smooth hair. The Pearl Diffusion Skinpod, on the other hand, will even out your skin tone while brightening and reviving the appearance of tired skin. This powerful duo is guaranteed to bring shine to your hair and make your skin glow with nourishment. 

Uplift other women. 

As Robert Ingersoll said, “We rise by lifting others.” Take some time to celebrate the friends in your life and the power of sisterhood. If you reach the top by stepping on others, you’ll find out that it’s a hollow victory, your mountain will easily crumble and the fall will be harder. When people have your back, and when you treat others with kindness and respect, the path to success will be paved with support and warmth. You don’t need to bring others down to succeed. Which is why on Women’s Day, we can also celebrate others. The women that came into your life and made it richer. The women that reached out their hand when you needed one. The women that helped you rise. 

Love yourself through all stages of life. 

Aging can be nerve wrecking, especially in a world that pushes beauty and youth on you at every turn. However, in recent years, the movement to age gracefully, embrace yourself and your natural beauty through all stages of life, has been going strong, and we’re here for it. It’s time we start celebrating age and aging, instead of dreading it.

While our skincare product Ageless Mist Skinpod does work to boost your skin’s elasticity and give you that youthful glow, it only enhances the natural beauty you already have. And don’t forget to embrace it – today and every day!

To commemorate this Women’s Day, we’re starting a campaign on Instagram and we’d love for you to join us as we celebrate natural beauty. 

Take part in our social media campaign on Instagram by using the hashtag #TheRealYou. Join us in honoring women worldwide!

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