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Every day ought to be a Mother’s Day: a chance to honor all those wonderful, selfless women who gave us life, raised us well, made us who we are today. For those of us who are still blessed with having them in our lives, Mother’s Day is an opportunity to show love, give both hugs and gifts, pamper and make them feel special. Because they deserve it.

In today’s hectic, busy world, this lovely May day often catches us by surprise: what gift is thoughtful enough, will she love it, will she use it, does she need it? We sure understand your stress, and are happy to share some last-minute gift ideas that will for sure come in handy. Because RÉDUIT products are all about pampering and CARE – skin and hair care, to be precise – and smart beauty. Products that are easy to use, and easy to love. We are sure your Mom will love it, and will love you for it. 

The world of luxurious revitalizing skincare

How about a luxurious revitalizing skincare treatment? Our SPA PRO AGE REFRESH and SPA GOLD AGE REFRESH beauty sets do what they say, and they do it well.

These exclusive, anti-aging sets have everything mom needs to turn back time a bit and feel more confident in her own skin. The devices are made for boosting skin elasticity, improving collagen production, and reducing wrinkles.

Also, they both provide all-day skin protection, with extra skin hydration. Included in the sets are Ageless Mist and Precision Shield skinpods, which will prevent further signs of aging and shield the skin from damage. The best part: they contain no unnecessary ingredients that could harm the skin. Instead, they give it a youthful glow.

If you think Mom might love a device more compact and practical, the UNI AGE REFRESH set would be the perfect solution. The precise treatment with its ultra-fine Ageless Mist skinpod, leaves the skin nourished without the use of pore-clogging textures. The great thing is that she can use the UNI device for her hair as well, with our hairpods.

Skincare subscription comes to rescue

For all-year skin nourishment, an ideal Mother’s day gift is our AGE REFRESH subscription: we offer free worldwide delivery for every subscription containing two or more pods, and a free UNI device with a subscription to one of our recommended sets. 

For mothers who only want to protect their skin and give it a shine treatment, our ENHANCED SKIN DELIVERY SET will even out skin tone, hydrate and protect the skin, while giving it a healthy finishing glow. 

Lastly, for the ones who want to stick with their usual, traditional skincare creams and serums but wish to make it better (way better!), BOOST, our newly launched smart device, will be the perfect choice.

BOOST ensures better absorption and deeper penetration of active ingredients in the products, giving better long-term results.

Nourishing care for her hair 

We did not forget about haircare: it has always been an essential part of everyone’s beauty routine and an integral part of our product line.

For a nourished hair shine and a pro-grade treatment, which one usually gets in hair salons alone, check out our ENHANCED HAIR DELIVERY SET. It repairs the hair using RÉDUIT’s own Precision Conditioner and Shine Diffusion hairpods, revitalizing and volumizing damaged hair. 

Our UNI STRENGTHEN & REPAIR will make her – and your – hair healthier, protecting it from everyday heat styling. As a result, the hair gets strengthened, less prone to breakage, is smoother and easier to style.

For that extra dose of hydration, nourishment, and protection, go with the UNI NOURISH & PROTECT set: it has everything she needs to restore her hair, making it silky and more vibrant again. 

Subscribe to beautiful hair

We offer monthly haircare subscription sets as well. For example, our powerful PRECISION START subscription set evens out, brightens, hydrates and protects not only your skin but it protects and repairs your hair as well, while providing instant radiance for a healthy shine. If that does not say “I love you”, what does? 🙂 

Activating a recurring subscription means no more worries about running out of skin & hair care favorites: she will always have a timely supply arriving at her door.


We hope some of these ideas and suggestions “will do the job” and put a smile on her face – and on yours, as well. Because very few things make us happier than seeing mom happy.