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Personalized skincare – one of the hottest beauty trends today

Beauty trends may come and go, but the world’s latest obsession with customization, personalization, and all kinds of tailored treatments might stick around for some time to come, especially when it comes to skincare. Your age, gender, skin type, skin tone, skin concerns, ethnicity, various external factors: today all these elements can be – and indeed are – taken into account when tailoring products to consumer demands.

The reasoning behind the trend is easy to understand: if the customer indeed comes first, it is only logical to personalize products and services to suit his/her every need. At the very center of this trend is the idea of individuality and uniqueness, and the result is the simplified decision making and – time saved.

Needless to say, beauty brands have been obsessing over personalization for quite some time now, but have had trouble implementing the idea fully, mostly because of the technology lag. Sure, you can have your quizzes and questionnaires to narrow down the selection, but what about actual devices that would be smart enough and advanced enough to support the thinking and deliver results?

Fortunately, recent developments and innovations are showing that technology is catching up. Finally.

From custom-made lipsticks and foundations to all kinds of individualized and interactive treatments, the companies are now competing in finding new, creative (and fun!) ways to attract customers, and keep the existing ones happy. Studies have shown that 75% of consumers are willing to pay more for a personalized product or service, especially if the very recommendation was made for them, personalized to them. They get to feel special and taken care of; instead being just another order number.

Personalized beauty-tech market

Overnight, beauty companies have started to experiment with a variety of new ideas and technologies, such as AI & AR (artificial intelligence or augmented reality), incorporating devices, smart apps, cameras, and similar gadgetry. Some things have worked better than others, some failed to deliver.

Various at-home devices have been tested for a whole range of new uses, from measuring and diagnosing skin conditions, to scanning faces and mixing makeup to suit ever changing daily needs and desires.

One thing is certain: brands will continue to develop hyper-personalized offerings in order to differentiate themselves from competitors and cater to consumers more effectively.

Discover BOOST – the time is right for the ultimate skincare personalization 

The RÉDUIT team has been developing BOOST for quite some time now. It started as an idea, and it became a mission. The challenge: to create a product that would be a) smart, b) practical, c) easy to use, and d) universal. 

So, now that it’s out – what is BOOST and why do you need it today? Simply put, BOOST is RÉDUIT’s brand new, smart skincare device that makes your favorite cream or serum more effective. To make things even better – and more practical – you don’t have to stop using your favorite skin cream or serum – BOOST works with virtually every cream or serum out there. Its Enhanced Delivery technology simply makes them way better!

This proprietary skincare technology leverages the power of diamagnetics to push the active ingredients in your favorite products further in.

It uses magnets that work on the diamagnetic nature of most all molecules while utilizing an inductive iontophoretic component to create temporarily increased permeability in your skin.

That translates to better absorption and deeper penetration, and skincare results that, well, speak for themselves.

BOOST’s hyper-personalization

Once you download the BOOST App, it will identify your skincare product, or you will enter it in yourself. This will help identify the active ingredients in it. Once this is done, you will enter your profile data, meaning all the factors that impact your skin, including your age, skin type, and the location/climate you live in, etc.

Based on this extensive and very personal input, BOOST – paired with the App – will have its waveform adjusted in order to push the right ingredients into your skin at the right depth FOR YOU.

That means BOOST will create a one-in-a-billion skincare ritual made just for you!

It’s easy to see why this approach is winning over the beauty fans worldwide: the win-win recipe means you don’t have to change anything drastically, you simply have to reach for BOOST and embrace the future of beauty! Things ought to be easy and efficient: let the award-winning BOOST enrich your skincare routine and your life in general!