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Skincare goes intense with BOOST – 4 features that make a difference

How intense is your skincare? Would you say your favorite cream or serum is doing exactly what it needs to, what the brand promised it would, what you expected it to, or do you think there’s, well, some room for…improvement? Fortunately, we live in the 2020s, and now there’s a new way to make sure ANY skincare product you are using will perform better. Way better, actually. How? Well, that’s where BOOST comes in. 

BOOST is a smart skincare device that amplifies the effects of any skincare product you might be using – your serum, cream, or lotion. BOOST does not replace your skincare routine nor your favorite skincare product; it just makes them more effective and impactful by combining patented diamagnetic technology with the ultimate personalization. 

30 seconds is all it takes

Since only a small amount of active ingredients in your favorite cream and serum is actually absorbed into the skin when applied by fingertips alone, you need to do something about it. In just 30 seconds, BOOST will maximize the effectiveness of your favorite skincare product by improving the absorption and penetration of active ingredients in it. All you have to do is apply your cream or serum the way you usually do, and then let BOOST do its magic. 

5.6x* times better hydration for great results

As we said already, BOOST works with virtually every skincare product out there. Its diamagnetic technology provides something called Enhanced Delivery: a better absorption and deeper penetration of actives in skincare products, ensuring far better results. BOOST can enhance the delivery of hydrating agents by 5.6 times*! Not only that: it will make the UV-protection agents up to 1.5 times more effective, brightening agents up to 2 times better, anti-aging agents 2.2 times more effective, and antioxidants 2.4 times more impactful. The result: your skin will look healthier and more radiant than ever!

9-factor routine personalization for your skin

BOOST makes skincare more effective, because it makes the routine hyper-personalized, like no beauty device before it. Its 9 personalization factors take into account not only the type of product you are using  – meaning your favorite cream or serum – but also your location, age, sex, skin type, skin tone, ethnicity, in order to create a one-in-a-billion waveform for you and your skin alone, so the active ingredients your skin needs can be delivered at the right depth for you and your skincare profile. You can read more on the waveform topic in our recent BLOG POST. Beauty does not get more personalized than this!

81%** of users felt improved cream penetration

Paired with a smartphone app, BOOST “identifies” the skincare product you are using, along with its active ingredients. Its waveform is then adjusted, and tailored for you alone in order to push the actives into your skin at the right depth for your skin and your skincare profile. As a result, 81%** of users felt improved penetration of their favourite cream. 92%** of women said BOOST leaves their skin more moisturised and more radiant, while 83%* of women said they noticed better overall results for the creams they usually use. The verdict is clear to see.  

Depending on the waveform and the active ingredients in your skincare product, BOOST treatments will target everything from dull skin, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin, and acne. BOOST comes in 4 attractive colors and fits the palm of your hand perfectly; it is ergonomic, lightweight – an ideal travel companion. Easy to hold and move around over the targeted skin areas, BOOST will make your daily skincare routine fun and the alternating vibrations will provide an extremely enjoyable and relaxing face massage. Once you feel the difference, you will never look back. The 5-star reviews we keep getting – and are thankful for – can vouch for that.

*Source: In-vivo results, BOOST vs finger application

**Consumer Perceived Performance of REDUIT PEMF Powered Skincare Applicator Device, 45-50 Females, age 40-65 years