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Looking Back at 2022 – The Year of BOOST

2022 is almost over and what a year this has been for RÉDUIT! Years of research and development finally bore fruit, and BOOST took to the stage. A true skincare game changer, RÉDUIT BOOST appeared as a smart skincare device that amplifies the effects of any skincare product – serum, cream, or lotion. 

BOOST does not replace your skincare routine nor your favorite skincare product; it just makes them more effective and impactful by combining patented diamagnetic technology with the ultimate personalization. It’s all about making the active ingredients in them…well, actually active. And delivered right where they are needed the most.

Category of its own

As smart as it is, BOOST is a minimalistic, straightforward device, simple to use and rather easy to explain. And yet… It takes time for inventions this radical to stick, to be widely accepted and understood. People need a bit of time to get used to new ideas – but once they try BOOST, they immediately get what all the hype is about. 

One thing is important to note right away: BOOST created its own market niche, since there are no existing products that claim to be able to do something similar. Not only does BOOST amplify the effects of any skincare product you might be using, it is also the only device on the market to provide a completely personalized skincare treatment, taking into consideration all the relevant data: your skin type, specific skin conditions, climate, and the products you are using.

Kickstarter and launch campaigns

BOOST’s unique, proprietary technology is based on the company’s very own patent for electromagnetic transdermal drug delivery, dating from 2013. Making it work the way it does now, required time and ingenuity, and RÉDUIT’s R&D Team sure delivered. Once the device was ready, wheels were set in motion to make the beauty world pay attention and learn about BOOST.

A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign was launched in April, resulting in overwhelming interest and enthusiastic support of numerous backers, both big and small. We would like to thank them all – thank YOU all – once more! The pledges kept coming in on a daily basis, and we knew we were onto something big and exciting. The buzz was there.

Once the Kickstarter campaign was completed, BOOST was surfing the success wave and was ready to be officially launched worldwide. The challenge was to explain how BOOST – paired with a smartphone app – actually “identifies” the skincare product you are using, along with its active ingredients, and how it then adjusts its waveform, making it tailored for you alone in order to push the actives into your skin at the right depth for your skin and your skincare profile. And how it all takes just 30 seconds to do. But the message got out, and beauty fans worldwide were ecstatic.

Media coverage and response

Soon after, BOOST was the talk of the beauty world. Beauty portals and magazines at first seemed curious and then outright delighted with the newest beauty gadget, in a category and league of its own. Harper’s Bazaar called BOOST “the dream cream machine”, inviting readers to “supercharge” their skincare regime with it. “Miracles do happen” ,they said.

Marie Claire pointed out that, thanks to BOOST, “a £20 face cream can actually be as effective as a £200 one”. Other media outlets chimed in and shared the excitement, from Sports Illustrated to the OK! and Sun magazines, helping BOOST reach new audiences and faces ready for a true skincare upgrade.

Influencers helped spread the word

Social media and its army of beauty influencers and trendsetters soon followed the lead. BOOST was thoroughly tested and studied, and the verdict was unanimous: this is the real deal – get one today! Chris Han, Sonya Elle Dee, Snega, Liv Bentley and Alyssa Lauren, with their millions of followers, are just some of the BOOST’s online allies and beauty advocates that helped spread the word. Sure, it helps when the product actually works and delivers on its promise, but still – their skills and experience, their online presence really helped BOOST reach new fans.

Awards we’ll never get tired of

How can a brand talk about the awards their product has won without sounding too braggy? Maybe that’s impossible. 2022 bestowed accolades on BOOST and awards followed soon after. It all started with the prestigious COSMOPROF Awards: BOOST was named the Winner of Skin & Personal Care Product category, featured in COSMO Trends as well. Pure Beauty Awards recognized BOOST as a revolutionary device as well, crowning it with a title of Best Special Innovation.

The world awaits – new points of sale

The family of BOOST users and fans keeps growing daily, and it feels great to ship a carefully packaged device to a new user in some new destination, knowing she will be thrilled with the results. Online stores have been the main gateway to get BOOST out to meet new faces, both on and other retail sites, but we are now proud of a growing list of “real” stores as well, physical points of sale where users can see the device in person, hold it and try it out. WOW Concept store in Madrid, with its inaugural WOW Concept Event that launched BOOST is surely one of our early favorites, but with big names such as Harrods and Sephora (Brazil) being added every month, it will soon be difficult to choose.

All in all, the future is looking great and we are excited! 2022 was a true BOOST year, but we are already looking forward to 2023, hoping it will surpass our expectations as well! So stay tuned, stay beautiful and – enjoy BOOST!