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Everyone’s in love with BOOST

Ever since the BOOST Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign was launched in April of 2022, BOOST sparked overwhelming interest and enthusiastic support of numerous backers, beauty buffs, and regular people looking for something new. Once the campaign successfully ended, BOOST was officially launched worldwide. Both the press, the influencers, and the beauty fans worldwide loved it, creating a real buzz. A star was born.

Media coverage and praise

Beauty portals and magazines are both hungry for novelty, and careful when it comes to praising or trusting anything new and radical. But they quickly embraced the newest smart skincare gadget, in a category and league all of its own. Harper’s Bazaar called BOOST “the dream cream machine”, inviting readers to “supercharge” their skincare regime with it. “Miracles do happen”, they said. Who could ask for more.

OK! joined in, pointing out that BOOST can “turn £50 skin cream into £200 treatment”. Other media outlets chimed in and shared the excitement, from Sports Illustrated to the Marie Claire and Sun magazines, helping BOOST reach new audiences and faces ready for a true skincare upgrade.

Spreading the word on SM channels

Social media and its army of beauty influencers and trendsetters followed the lead. BOOST was tested and studied, and the verdict has been unanimous: this is the real deal – get one today! Chris Han, Liv Bentley, Sonya Elle Dee, Snega, and Alyssa Lauren, with their millions of followers, are just some of the BOOST’s online allies and beauty advocates that helped spread the word. 

This skincare technology just makes sense!”, said Chris Han. “When skincare goodies meet smart beauty tech, that means glowy skin”, she added.

This skincare technology just makes sense!”, said Chris Han. “When skincare goodies meet smart beauty tech, that means glowy skin”, she added. Some tests were even more detailed. “I noticed that my skin tone became more even and my skin so much more hydrated, and yet again”, this is very important, “I’m using the same products!”, said Liv Bentley.

“I’m loving this little device from RÉDUIT”, said Sonya Elle Dee.

Aaaand…the awards

Just as BOOST was kind to your skin and your skincare products in 2022, 2022 was kind to BOOST as well, bestowing upon it awards and accolades. It all started with the prestigious COSMOPROF Awards: BOOST was named the Winner of Skin & Personal Care Product category, featured in COSMO Trends as well. Pure Beauty Awards recognized BOOST as a revolutionary device as well, crowning it with a title of Best Special Innovation. And we somehow feel this is just the beginning.

You, the users

But all this would be meaningless were it not for you, our fans and trusted BOOST users. Your feedback, your hands-on experience is priceless. The numbers say it all:

  • 92%* of women said BOOST leaves their skin more moisturized
  • 83%* of women noticed better overall results for the creams they usually use
  • 78%** users said that it left skin smoother

So it makes sense to profess our love for you here and now, in February, the Month of Love. Valentine’s Day is near, and word of mouth is still the best way to let new users know just how good the device really is. Who will you trust the most? Of course, someone you know personally, and someone who actually tried the device.

Anyway, not to take too much of your time: the future is looking great and we are looking forward to 2023! So stay tuned, stay beautiful and – enjoy using BOOST!

* Self perception scoring after one month, 13 Females, Age 21-40 years
**Consumer Perceived Performance of REDUIT PEMF Powered Skincare Applicator Device, 45-50 Females, Age 40-65 years