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HELLO WORLD: Introducing RÉDUIT’s Wellness Sister Brand, SWISSWELL

We’re so proud to add another member to the growing Wellfully family with the launch of SWISSWELL! Enhanced with the same technology that powers your RÉDUIT beauty devices, the Lubricen® knee patch will revolutionize the health and wellness space. We have prepared a limited pre-launch offer that we are happy to share with you: pre-register to unlock access for an exclusive limited offer! Offer is limited to one product per client order and will be shipping in September.
Here’s why you’ll love this cutting edge innovation.

RÉDUIT’s enhanced delivery technology for skin and hair beauty treatments will now also be available for health and wellness applications designed for drug-free joint treatments with SWISSWELL’s first, the Lubricen® knee patches.

That’s right!

If you’ve read one of our more recent blog posts, you might already know how we utilize diamagnetism  to push skin & hair treatments deeper into the skin with our innovative beauty solutions.

Now, this effective and one-of-a-kind delivery system is used to push ingredients deep through the skin and into the tissue around the knee which allows the Lubricen® patch to address joint inflammation, support joint function, and provide relief at the core rather than just superficially. Because the patch contains drug-free ingredients, it offers an ongoing solution without any fear of side effects, something that is currently lacking on the market.

The groundbreaking SWISSWELL Lubricen® is taking its first steps to bring this cutting edge new innovation into the homes of people worldwide.

And YOU get to be a part of that!

By taking our invitation and pre-registering you can unlock the exclusive limited offer and be among the very first people in the world to try this new innovation in pain management! Presales of the new SWISSWELL Lubricen® knee patch are limited to one product per customer and can only be accessed by invitation or pre-registration via

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The RÉDUIT treatment delivery method is a revolution in the beauty treatment industry, answering the industry’s biggest problems – ineffective application and unnecessary ingredients used in the formulation. Our goal was to deliver the most potent, pure actives in the most effective way possible. Here’s how we achieved that. 

RÉDUIT’s enhanced delivery technology for skin and hair beauty treatments will now also be available for health and wellness applications designed for drug-free joint treatments with SWISSWELL’s first, the Lubricen® knee patches.

As mentioned in a previous blog post, our proprietary enhanced delivery technology Magnetic Misting utilizes diamagnetism in water and other organic compounds to improve skincare and haircare treatment delivery by increasing absorption.  

Our devices contain a small, non-invasive magnet that helps push the treatment formulation, that include water, deeper into the skin, breaking through the initial protective barrier. 

Along with that, the secondary technology we utilize is Ultrasonic Diffusion, which disperses droplets that are 50x smaller than traditional spray products. This technology uses vibrations and soundwaves to stimulate and manipulate particles in our formulation, creating a negative charge in them and in turn making them lighter than air.

This improves coverage on your skin or hair and makes it easier for our proprietary Magnetic Misting technology to manipulate the particles. It causes them to pull closer together forming a fine film, and then pushes the treatments deeper into the layers of the skin or hair.


Other than our enhanced delivery technology, an important part of the RÉDUIT method is also the formulation itself. 
By using just high-quality active ingredients, we significantly lowered the use of unnecessary fillers in our treatments. This in turn meant:

  • no allergies, no residue, no clogging pores
  • better hydration vs 10 time a bigger a dose of traditional moisture emulsion*
  • less chemical residue on the surface of the skin which requires less washing and soap to remove*
  • providing greater skin hydration, with less “weight”, which should all result in greater long term skin health, and less adverse skin diseases*

That’s why our revolutionary approach to beauty treatments is completely safe, but it also gives you pro-grade spa results from the comfort of your home. With it’s compact size, our products are also ideal for on-the-go and will be your favorite beauty companion on your travels.  
One of the best parts of our skincare and haircare line is that one treatment takes only 15 seconds of use per day and leaves absolutely no residue on the surface of skin and hair. 

Try our devices and treatments today and notice a difference after only a few weeks of use. Click here to browse our collection. 

*In vivo study, Wellfully Skin Science and Innovation Laboratory: changes of skin moisture Hydro Boost / Pearl Diffusion vs French Hydrating Moisture emulsion

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If you’ve ever used an aroma diffuser you might already be familiar with today’s topic. In the last few years, Ultrasonic Diffusion has become a staple in the wellness community and used in most quality air purifiers or aroma diffusers. 
However, Ultrasonic Diffusion has many different uses which means it can make a real difference in the beauty industry as well, and here’s how!

RÉDUIT’s enhanced delivery technology for skin and hair beauty treatments will now also be available for health and wellness applications designed for drug-free joint treatments with SWISSWELL’s first, the Lubricen® knee patches.

This particular technology uses sound waves that vibrate at an ultrasonic frequency, a frequency that the human ear can’t usually detect (known as ultrasonic vibrations). These waves then manipulate water particles, or in our case, the formulations used in our Skinpods and Hairpods, causing them to become negatively charged and, in turn, lighter than air. The formulation is broken down into a soothing micro-mist that is easily dispersed into the air. 


We use Ultrasonic Diffusion, along with our proprietary Enhanced Delivery technology through Magnetic Misting, to deliver our skin and hair treatments in the most efficient way possible. The micro-mist is delivered to the skin or hair in droplets that are 50 times smaller than traditional spray products, which helps our treatments cover more of the exposed area of the skin or hair.
This also makes it easier for our proprietary Magnetic Misting technology to manipulate the particles, making them pull closer together forming a fine film, and then pushing the treatments deeper into the layers of the skin. 
By using this delivery method, you get the absolute most out of the active ingredients used in the Smartpods and you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of the chosen formulations. 
You’ll receive the full effect of our Skinpods and Hairpods through a soothing, targeted micro-mist.
There will also be absolutely no residue left on the surface of your skin after the treatment as all of the formulations will be absorbed deep into the layers of your skin where they can make a visible difference. 

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In Defense of Skin-Defense

Why Skin Protection Matters?

The body’s largest organ – our skin – is our first defense against the outside world. Intrinsically linked to overall health, our skin reflects our general wellbeing as well as a barrier against environmental aggressors. Things like pollution, harmful and ageing UV rays, viruses, toxins, extreme weather, and blue light all pose a challenge to our hardworking skin function. Put simply: if skin is not functioning well it cannot do its job of providing us with crucial protection.

Most of us are aware that our skin needs good general care: from diet to hydration, like all of our organs. However, with our skin being outside our bodies, it is literally the first line of defense, and as such requires special attention.

Optimizing skin’s protection functions has a more profound impact on our overall health than we might think.

How do we help skin to help us?

Choosing the best ingredients, free from toxins, gluten, sulfates, fungal acne-feeding components, parabens, silicones, and synthetic fragrance is a good place to start. Why aggravate an issue with ingredients that offer no benefit to you or your skin?

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Our technology delivers exactly what you need, precisely where you need it, so skin is protected in a way that traditional skincare cannot offer.

Choose hardworking formulas:

  • Antioxidants: helps your skin to combat collagen-damaging free radicals. They play an important role in protection, working to boost skin’s youthful elasticity for longer.
  • Skin-identical ingredients: these are ingredients that can be found in the skin or imitate the components of the skin naturally. Namely:
    • Natural Moisturizing Factors: things that can be found inside the keratinocytes (skin cells) and help our skin to bind water.
    • Stratum Corneum Lipids: between the skin cells is an extracellular matrix. It consists mainly of lipids and is incredibly important in having a healthy skin barrier.
  • Soothing Ingredients: ingredients that help to ease any discomfort in the skin. These ingredients act as anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant agents and reduce inflammation to soothe the skin. Helpful in treating common skin issues like acne, rosacea or sensitive skin, as well as providing great protection and prevention generally.
  • Sun and Elemental Protection: not necessarily limited to SPF or sunscreen. Ingredients that help to protect the skin from the sun but also photo-protect it against daily exposure.

How RÉDUIT protects your skin:

Our Precision Shield Skinpod is designed to create a protective barrier and provide all you need to protect your skin against environmental aggressors.

Its formulation contains some of the best and simplest skincare superheroes:

  • Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract extracted from Green Tea: one of the nature’s most powerful antioxidants. The active parts are called polyphenols, or more precisely catechins. There is a huge difference in quality between available green tea extracts. The potent ones contain 50-90% catechins. Green tea is proven to be a great antioxidant, UV protectant, anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic antimicrobial agent. Because of these properties, green tea is a great choice for boosting youth and for skin conditions including rosacea, acne and atopic dermatitis. The extract is known for its calming properties, which when paired with Allantoin in our formula provides the ultimate hit of zen for your skin.
  • Glycerin, a natural moisturizer that is also found naturally in our skin. A safe and effective molecule that is not only a simple moisturizer but also keeps the skin lipids between our skin cells in a healthy (liquid crystal) state, protecting against irritation while helping to restore skin barrier. Glycerin naturally helps our skin retain water, making it a hydration superhero.
  • Allantoin, a known soothing skin ingredient that has gained new popularity in K-beauty treatments, thanks to its abilities to protect and soothe skin. It can be found naturally in the roots & leaves of the comfrey plant. It is not only soothing but also skin-softening and can promote wound healing. Therefore, many promote it for treating scars. At RÉDUIT we use it as a softening agent, working to soothe your skin so that it can absorb Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract and Glycerin more seamlessly.
  • Benzophenone-4 or Sulisobenzone is a light UV absorber and skin protectant. At RÉDUIT we do not use it as a sunscreen but as a protective element for daily exposure. A powerful photo protectant, it works to limit light and sun exposure, making it a good shield against general environmental aggressors. Never penetrating your skin’s dermis, it also prevents other ingredients from being degraded by the sun, allowing them to remain active long after application.

Our formulas are created with all these considerations in mind. When paired with our superior delivery method, the Precision Shield formula provides the ultimate first line of defense against daily aggressors for your precious, hardworking skin.

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Combat Your Skin Enemies: Dry Air and Cold Weather

Winter is synonymous with skin suffering: lower temperatures and humidity levels leave skin dry, while harsh winds, dry indoor heat and extra hot water from showers can make the problem worse. Add to that a pandemic, forcing us to spend even more time indoors with artificial temperatures, and it’s a disaster waiting to happen for our skin.

Many people don’t realise, but we need a more targeted approach to our skincare regime when the mercury drops. Extra nourishing and hydration will address the tightness and dryness often brought about by the environmental extremes, while protective measures will help avoid the problem arising in the first place.

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First, it’s important to begin with clean skin, using lukewarm or cold water rather than hot. This will help to avoid stripping your skin and disrupting its barrier, while keeping pores tight and skin glossy.

Our Skinpods are designed to be as gentle as possible for your skin. The perfect second-step cleanse – Clean Vapor – helps to deep clean pores without disturbing the skin’s moisture balance.

Your skin needs moisture right after cleansing; apply Hydro Boost on damp skin to seal in the hydration. Our rich Hydro Boost skinpod is specially designed for people with sensitive skin making it the ideal hydration hero for all skin types during winter.

Lock in the moisture and add a layer of protection with Precision Shield. Protecting skin from environmental aggressors, Precision Shield is designed to protect in both cold and hot climates making it a perfect skin companion for daily use. The finish is super light meaning no heavy residue, keeping you protected and hydrated, whatever the weather.

Be mindful of not aggravating skin with excess exfoliation during winter; whether you use a physical or chemical exfoliant, once a week should be plenty and be sure to follow up with some added nourishing moisture.

A general rule of thumb for winter skincare is the same we would apply to ourselves: protect, nourish and hydrate, with some added TLC to counter the harsh extremes of the season.

REDUIT has bundled these winterproofing Skinpods into one handy collection.

Visit our shop to find out more

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Christmas is all about giving, but forgive us this year if the top of our Christmas gifting list is ourselves. If there was ever a year where a little bit of self care, love and indulgence was required, it is the year 2020! But don’t take our word for it. Take note from the global beauty powerhouse herself, HUDA Beauty, and reach for the new luxe beauty products that are perfect for giving back to……YOU!

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“We love a good beauty tool and this new toy is pretty unique! The brand has created a tool that helps to reduce waste by delivering a tiny 5ml haircare pod that gives up to 40 applications! This cuts back on waste and reduces the number of ingredients needed. The tool uses ultrasonic diffusion that diffuses particles 50 times smaller than a regular spray to create a fine mist that delivers the active ingredients onto the hair in their most concentrated form, leaving every strand of your hair nourished and rejuvenated in just 30 seconds. The powerful formulas, which include a Micellar Water Pre-Shampoo TreatmentVolume Mist LED Hairpod™, and a Shine Diffusion LED Hairpod™, combine with precise delivery to create a performance haircare treatment that is still gentle enough to be used on all hair types.”

HUDA goes on to remind followers that REDUIT’s ‘super impressive’ Return and Renew program is also rewarding consumers for their part in the quest towards sustainable beauty. Be like HUDA and reward yourself this festive season.

So add a little beauty magic to your own Christmas stocking this year. Festive bundles of joy and years of precision beauty experiences await!

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The beauty industry is hiding a dirty secret. It’s a secret that directly impacts our health, as detailed by the eye-opening documentary ‘Toxic Beauty’, which lifted the lid on the beauty industry’s dangerous corner-cutting and health-harming ingredients.

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Something to think about next time you’re at the beauty counter, and certainly something to check regarding regulations outside the U.S.; a lack of regulatory controls means consumers are increasingly having to do their own research to find non-toxic solutions.

The problem is partly to do with the myths and misinformation surrounding the beauty industry. Many people wrongly believe ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ equates to non-toxic (not always so, particularly as these loose terms hide any manner of sins from bacterial and fungal growth, to inflammatory base ingredients). Equally, people wrongly believe that expense equates to efficacy, which we know clinically not to be the case.

Marketing techniques and language designed to sell have meant that without a degree in biochemistry, the mere mortal can’t hope to decipher the truth. Or can they?

Learning your azelaic from your glycolic, your humectant from your emollient, or your zinc oxide from your oxybenzone is a good place to start. The internet is full of impartial INCI list decoders that you can use when considering a new product. Certain marketers will fool you into believing the one drop of active ingredient in a 200ml product will be powerful enough to make a difference, while the truth is that the most effective formulations have the perfect balance of clinically proven active ingredients. Research is key to making informed decisions, always.

It’s important to note that beauty products have a trail of costs involved, from the development, the sourcing, the producing, the packaging and promotion, it all costs money. To save money, many manufacturers will cut corners, sourcing cheap, near readymade solutions in bulk to minimize the costs of research, testing and development. Many of these products contain thousands of chemical ingredients that go unnoticed in testing and are marked as residue which never make it into the ingredients list. This is the beauty industry’s dirty secret.

Cheap ingredients and chemicals are proven to cause damage to our health, which materialize in the form of skin issues such as allergies, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and worse, while the toxicity is has been shown to disrupt our internal organs, our gut biome, mental health and fertility too.

One thing we at RÈDUIT are very proud of is the purity and quality of our formulas. Due to the advanced nature of the technologies used in our devices, we were able to develop minimal formulations that harness the real potency of the active ingredients, with none of the thickeners, binders and nondescript toxic ingredients that damage the health. It’s truly a much-needed evolution for the industry.

Our products are free of harmful alcohols, allergens, gluten, sulphates, parabens and synthetic fragrances… Just a concentration of exactly what you need, delivered just where you need it. We believe in beauty solutions that are clean, efficient and lightweight, with no high cost to your health or the planet.