Technology has revolutionised industries around the world. From transport, to communications, to commerce, but the beauty industry appears to have been left behind.

The reality is, the beauty industry has not seen the technological innovation that other industries have. Beauty products may now have more eye catching packaging, wider ranges, and more impressive sounding ingredients, but the fundamental products and their applications have varied very little.

But why is this?

Beauty brands that have focused on product-centric development have classically leaned towards the innovation of new ingredients. While the actual ingredient innovation itself may be groundbreaking, these ingredients often only make up 1% the overall product. Many companies use fillers, stabilizers and other ingredients to bulk out a product and reduce costs.

So while a product may contain an ingredient that is scientifically capable of producing the effect advertised, it is often unclear as to whether the ingredient will be capable of having the desired effect in such minute quantities, nor will it reach the areas of the skin and hair where it is needed most.

A RÉDUIT Revolution...

Here at RÉDUIT, we think it’s time for change. Technology has not been embraced by the beauty industry or used to the fullness of its capabilities…yet.

By concentrating our formulas and only using effective active ingredients we can remove fillers and stabilisers, making lengthy ingredients lists a thing of the past. In doing so we create a product that delivers maximum results with minimum waste.

Using innovative technology only previously available in the med-tech industry we can revolutionise the delivery of our products’ active ingredients for both ease of application and efficiency of delivery to targeted areas.

The beauty industry has been waiting for new innovation. We believe RÉDUIT is that innovation.

At CES 2020, RÉDUIT is set to unveil revolutionary technologies that will flip the beauty industry on its head.

If you’re passionate about beauty, and would like to join our journey, become a member of our Founders community. Our Founders help us to create and develop our products by giving feedback and engaging with our online content.

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