RÉDUIT Launches Game-changing Beauty Tech at CES 2020…

What makes RÉDUIT revolutionary?

This January we plan to take CES by storm. For many years, advancing technology has brought revolution to industries around the world. However, the beauty industry hasn't seen the same rate of change.
RÉDUIT was built to change all that. Our simple purpose is to unleash radical innovation onto the beauty industry. 

With the launch of Hairpods™, we are revealing the world's first precision-based hair care system. By taking the finest active ingredients and combining them with an advanced delivery system, you can enjoy maximum benefits with minimum waste.

What technology is involved?

The RÉDUIT system relies on a number of breakthrough technological innovations, all of which aim to optimize the delivery of active ingredients and maximise the benefits they can provide: 

Ultrasonic Diffusion
Ultrasonic Diffusion technology allows the Reduit One to disperse droplets 50 times smaller than traditional mist applications. This creates a pure high concentration formula that produces an ultra-fine film able to be absorbed by your hair without leaving a residue.

Magnetic Misting
Environmental aggressors and the natural ageing process leaves our hair difficult to penetrate. Developed by world-class experts in precision delivery systems, Magnetic Misting technology overcomes this by enabling the RÉDUIT One to create a unique magnetic field, amplifying absorption and allowing each active ingredient to penetrate deep into your hair.

Smart Customization For Your Every Need

Smart customization technology is at the forefront of Hairpod™ innovation. Each pod has its own on-board program and memory, allowing it to automatically adjust the RÉDUIT One’s sonic pulsations and magnetic misting, while optimizing the use of LED lights. By giving you a personalised product delivery system, you can enjoy the desired results every time.

Could RÉDUIT’s innovation also help save the planet?

At RÉDUIT we are not only committed to design innovation, but also to tackling the issue of waste and the impact this has on the environment. Our products have the potential to turn the eco-beauty question on its head.

By concentrating our ingredients and removing unnecessary fillers and stabilizers, we use less packaging than traditional products. This, combined with our smart delivery technology, helps eliminate the issue of wasted product. That's something that is  as good for your hair as it is for the environment.

Want to become a part of this revolution?

Find us at Venetian Sands, Halls A- D, Booth #46125 at CES this January and be the first to see this new technology in action 

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