Most global brands you hear of begin with one or two core founders, whose inspiration and vision sets the brand on a path for success. However, here at RÉDUIT, we plan on doing things a little differently. Instead we are inviting 1000 Founders to join our team before our launch at the end of January 2020.

Who can become a founder? 

The short answer is anyone with a passion for beauty. This is an open appeal to beauty professionals and enthusiasts willing to lend their opinions and expertise in building our brand. Whether you’re a seasoned beauty blogger, a newbie, or someone that is passionate about tech, we would love you to join our community.

Why become a founder? 

Are you passionate about beauty and technology? Do you want to experience building a brand first hand? By becoming a founder you get to have your voice heard as we create products with the potential to revolutionise the beauty industry. Founders help us to create and develop our products, by giving feedback and engaging with our online content - in exchange for a host of rewards.

What’s involved?

Simply put, you sharing your voice on matters important for our brand. When you become a RÉDUIT founder, we will periodically send you invitations to get involved with our journey (no more than once per week). These could range from asking you to like a post on social media, or filling out a survey, to providing feedback on new products!

If you complete the invitation, you’ll gain exclusive access to rewards such as prize draws and brand perks. Those who regularly complete these tasks will access greater rewards and even more exclusive content privileges!
What are the benefits?

Glimpse behind the scenes of a start-up and learn how a brand is built.
Have your ideas heard and be part of a community of people passionate about beauty.

  • Earn up to $200 in credit to spend after our product launch.
  • See our brand new products before they launch to the public.
  • Be among the first contacted to test and review free products.
  • Be entered into prize draws and giveaways.

How can I join?

If you’re interested in becoming a part of our exclusive community simply click the link below and gain access to a host of exciting behind-the-scenes content.