Make your skin glow every day with this luxury bundle that keeps your skin protected against external aggressors, such as wind or sea, while also refreshing and brightening it. Includes SPA GOLD luxurious device with extra boost function, Pearl Diffusion and Precision Shield Skinpods.



  • Rejuvenates and revitalizes skin, giving it a healthy, nourished shine.
  • Provides all-day skin protection from external elements, revitalizes and hydrates skin
  • A visually luxurious at-home beauty treatment device that looks amazing and makes you feel amazing as well.
  • Use SPA with a diverse selection of skincare and haircare treatments
  • Create 20x less waste than when using traditional products
  • Fashioned from medical-grade silicone and hypoallergenic metal with a gold finish
  • Magnetic Misting technology breaks through the protective barrier of the skin to help treatments absorb deeper

SPA Gold device
The RÉDUIT Spa Gold is built from premium materials for more bold, professional treatments. The Boost Function built into the device provides an enhanced application of active ingredients providing superior end-results. Press the button a second time to activate the Boost when you need a noticeable difference in less time, without having to settle on quality. RÉDUIT Spa Gold is driven by three advanced micro-technologies that convert RÉDUIT’s Skinpod and Hairpod formulations into a super-fine Magnetic Mist for improved delivery. Ultrasonic Diffusion creates 50x smaller droplets than traditional applications, making a super-fine film ready to perfectly infuse your skin without the heavy, sticky feeling.


Precision Shield
Protects and hydrates skin during exposure to environmental aggressors, with a soothing effect after exposure as well. Powerful antioxidants such as the Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract work to neutralize free radicals, while soothing allantoin works to relieve inflammation. Precision Shield creates a protective barrier and provides everything you need for a 360-approach to skin protection.


Pearl Diffusion
Pearl Diffusion is a hydrating and brightening treatment designed to even out your skin tone, rejuvenate, and revitalize the appearance of tired, dull-looking skin. Specially formulated with Niacinamide to tackle dark spots and hyperpigmentation while giving your skin a healthy glow.

  • Make sure your face is clean and you have no makeup on.
  • Remove the sealing cap from the selected Skinpod. Insert it gently into your RÉDUIT device and turn clockwise until you hear a click.
  • Press the power button to start the programme and your RÉDUIT device will light up.
  • Apply on dry skin from approximately 3 cm distance, covering all treatment areas.
  • Glide the device across your cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin, changing the targeted area every time the device vibrates.
  • The device will vibrate every five seconds to signal that it’s time to move to a different area.
  • Repeat this until the treatment is over or manually turn the device off by double clicking the on button.
  • After use, reattach the sealing cap, remove the Skinpod from the RÉDUIT device, and store it.
  • Do not massage, leave-in and wait 5 seconds before applying a new treatment to ensure product absorption.

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RÉDUIT Skinpods absorb right after application for most skin types! This means it takes less than a minute for them to absorb, and makes it easy to apply makeup right after the skincare treatment.
If you are using multiple products one after another, once you take out the previously used Skinpod and insert a new one, the product should be absorbed already or absorbed in such a way that you can seamlessly continue with your routine.

Yes, you’re free to use any of your skincare products while using RÉDUIT Skinpods. Skinpods were designed as both stand-alone and complimentary skincare treatments. If you are using other skincare products, make sure you use the RÉDUIT Skinpods before applying any other products!

Not sure which Skinpod would be perfect for you? Take our beauty quiz by visting our beauty quiz and we’ll recommend the treatments that will work best for you.

Yes, it is! In fact, RÉDUIT has a Return & Renew program where you can find all the info on how to recycle your used Skinpods and get benefits for participating. You will need four Skinpods to recycle and in exchange we will generate a discount code you can use to redeem one Skinpod free of charge with your next purchase at

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